Consumers are highly dependent on search. For this reason, nearly any company with a digital presence can build its brand, drive more site traffic, and win new customers with search engine optimization. Still, SEO can be complex, and you need the right SEO company guiding your optimization efforts. Before going deeper into the topic, let’s first identify what SEO is all about.


Search engine optimization is the process of designing websites so that they appear near the top of search engine results pages for a particular search query. Typically, SEO services agencies offer optimization packages for a certain number of keywords and a certain number of new backlinks. By combining link building, link cleanup, technical optimization, and new content creation, SEO service agencies drive more site traffic and a higher conversion rate for their clients.

The real challenge of SEO is that it’s much easier to get wrong – and receive a penalty – than it is to get right. The three major search engines (Google, Bing, and Yahoo) aim to provide users with high-quality, relevant results. For this reason, they will penalize sites that try to “cheat” SEO with limited keyword relevance, bad content, and questionable links.

Many SEO services providers will promise to make client websites rank first in search. But all too often, agencies will employ the kinds of sketchy practices that lead to penalties.

In addition, good SEO takes time and effort. Making mistakes while choosing an agency for SEO services can lead to big headaches, and poor results, down the road. Therefore, make sure to completely review SEO agencies before signing a contract.

Here are some tips and strategies to implement while selecting and adopting an SEO service agency.

Check the essence of their own SEO

You want know whether an SEO services agency is newly organized or firmly established in the market. Do your homework to see whether it is really competitive – does it use only white-hat practices? Does it have multiple years of experience? Does it possess consistent and strong rankings for its own pages?

As a first step, analyze whether the agency’s website ranks at the top of the search engine results page when you type their name as your search query. Does their page title and meta description show that they know what they’re doing?

Check, as well, whether the agency has profiles on the major social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and any others that may be relevant to your vertical. Look also at who their competitors are (i.e., the other websites that appear in a search for the agency name).

Look into their experience

To truly identify whether an agency is versatile and competent, verify their previous project experiences. Ask for references – or do your own outreach and find previous project owners who can offer insight into the agency’s practices and work output.

Check out all the portfolios that are displayed on the agency’s website. And ask about their recent achievements. Seek out quantifiable evidence that the SEO services company can move ranks for its clients and drive uplift in visits and conversions.

A high-performing SEO company should be able to prove that it can drive results. Not only that, it should be able to guarantee when those results will be delivered. Only by meeting existing clients can you learn what a day-to-day relationship with the agency would look like – and verify that it keeps its promises.

Inquire about customer success and staff qualifications

For any enterprise planning to take on an SEO services agency, a key parameter is whether they provide user-friendly and effective advice.

Inquire about the education and experience of the agency’s staff. Its employees should be able to deliver both quality and reliability – no matter whether the work is technical optimization, content writing, strategy, or reporting.

A typical agency will have writers, software engineers, designers, and analysts on staff. If the agency is missing any of these key roles, ask deeper questions about how they accomplish client projects.

Investigate the agency’s hosting ability

An agency should be able to provide its clients with effective and efficient websites that drive strong business outcomes. In the beginning of the relationship, it’s critical to communicate with the agency about your site’s key goals.

For which of your pages do you want a higher search ranking? What is the budget that you can afford? A good agency will ask these questions upfront and use your answers to frame their proposal.

Most SEO agencies provide SEO-friendly hosting . What’s especially important is the agency’s competence in mobile sites. Not only is Google’s indexer now mobile-first, faster page load speeds lead to increased traffic and higher conversion rates.

Inquire about the agency’s skill at producing content

Clear and relevant content is enormously important to SEO. Enterprise site content should be unique, while also answering users’ questions.

Content generation drives both on-page and off-page SEO. On-page, especially, relies completely on value-added, genuine content.

An SEO agency should produce strong content on their own website and in any other portfolios they have. The quality of their own content helps you gauge what they can produce for you.


All the tips and strategy described above can help you identify an SEO services partner that can enhance SEO for your website. Ultimately, the right agency will be able to drive meaningful results for your business from the search channel.