Highlighting in the 2.0 world is a task that not only limits writing good posts. While it is known that “Content is King”, it is necessary to generate a stream that takes the public to your site and can enjoy your publication. If you do not have the right promotion, no matter how good the content, it will go unnoticed and will be forgotten. By sponsoring content you will quickly spread your brand, product or service, increasing traffic and attracting more readers interested in the topics you like to deal with. You need a well-adjusted content marketing platform such as

It is necessary to plan

The sponsorship of your posts as well as any other Content Marketing strategy should be planned, whether you want to invest in SEM type promotions (Search Engine Marketing) or use channels such as social networks. In either case, you should bet on quality material that hooks from the first moment to the reader, with an interesting theme, a title that attracts attention, illustrative images and any other characteristic that offers a contribution of value, both for your audience as for the new audience you want to capture.

What content will you sponsor?

Promote articles that are easy to understand, those that offer a quick, simple and entertaining reading. Texts with complex technical terminologies distract the reader’s attention, causing them to lose interest and leave the site. Take care of the spelling and writing.

Use novel posts, which deal with a current, fashionable theme or of which there is little information, in this way the public will be interested in knowing more about what you are talking about and will be attracted to enter your publication.

Take advantage of those posts that at the time of publication showed good results. Refresh them and adapt them to different formats to increase their reach through new segmentation methods. Manage interesting campaigns that awaken the curiosity of the reader, and spread the link of your content on all platforms where you consider your target audience can be, and invite them to share.

In your sponsored posts you can include suggestions with links to other publications on your website, related to the topic and that may interest the reader. This will make your audience stay longer on your site, know your job better and if you like you will gain a new subscriber. Evaluate the results obtained in the different campaigns and correct, modify and restructure what is necessary. Those strategies that are successful will undoubtedly be worth using again.

Promotion channels

The promotion of content in digital form can be executed in search engines or in social networks. Search engine sponsored ads such as: Google AdWords, Bing Ads or Yahoo! generate respectable traffic and quality. They should consider the use of keywords, bids and exposure time. In social networks you can make the diffusion of content for free, sharing the links in your own account, or through paid promotion. It is advisable to first study the audience you are looking for and decide which network is best suited to your needs, since its usefulness will depend both on the proposed objective and the audience you wish to achieve.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are some of the social networks by preference when sponsoring content, either free of charge or through paid promotion campaigns. Due to its thousands of subscribers offer a wide power of reach, with detailed parameters of segmentation that allow to reach the correct audience.

Whether through free or paid campaigns, develop a strategy to promote content, will achieve greater visibility and increased traffic to your site, attract a new and interesting audience and even loyal followers.