How to Connect Your Business’ Online and Offline Marketing Efforts


Image Credit: Pexels

There are thousands of articles online telling you how to advertise your business. Some will persuade you to ditch print marketing for social media. Others say social media isn’t as direct as you’d like it to be and goad you into sticking with print. Experienced pundits, however, will tell you to scatter your advertising content across all platforms. But, are they connected?

Connecting your online and offline marketing efforts ensures the maximum out of your advertising dollars. There are many clever methods you can use to connect these resources. Implementing them successfully will depend on how much you believe in your product and the bonds you’ve built with previous customers.

Claim Your Location

Whether you run a store or operate out of your home studio, it’s important to get your business address out there. Register your business with local and online directories. The most commonly used online directories are Google and Yelp.

Cross Promotions

Take note of neighboring businesses. Are there any that provide similar services or maybe go well with yours? Reach out to these neighbors and offer your idea for a cross promotion. Let’s say you run a donut shop and your neighbors are a deli and a Chinese restaurant. Provide links to each business on each other’s websites or social media pages.

Associate with Your Trade

Just like cross promotions, you have to be self-aware of what trade you associate with. If you run a greenery, rent a booth at a Home & Garden Show where you have a chance to sell your products to wholesale suppliers.

Generate Publicity

It’s common sense to spread the word about your new business venture. Select a public relations outlet that can encompass print and digital media. Help A Reporter Out (HARO) by Cision is a resource connects writers with sources to create material that can be picked up by reputable news outlets.


Twitter has become such a powerful media force that it would be foolish for business owners to ignore it. Kit-Kat recently launched a #HaveABreak campaign where customers were encourage to post pictures of themselves enjoying a Kit-Kat bar. This not only advertised a product, but built a community around it.


Whether you have an online or brick-and-mortar store, it’s important to build community of loyal customers. Ask your customers if they want to sign up for your e-newsletter at checkout. A digital newsletter lets your customers know what is happening in your stores and what new deals lie ahead.


The buyer’s transaction is sweeter when they feel they’ve won a prize. If you can budget it, come up with big or small ticket items that you can hand out. Real estate agencies love handing out free merchandise to first time buyers and favored clients to help them push sales in their local area. It’s being used in every market from Austin real estate to emerging markets in foreign countries.

Special Invites

Have you already amassed a generous customer base? Are you ready to expand your business? Send out exclusive invites to your next event. If you’re expanding that pizzeria into a bistro, treat your favorite customers to a free meal.