It is important that the mailshot is distinctly visible from the rest of the posts on doormat. A good mailshot should be good enough to catch the attention of the receiver in a few seconds, but it has to achieve the main requirement of a mailshot, which is to compel the target to take action.


All the elements of a successful mailshot have to be included to help you get the best results. You should have a few questions in your mind about the final outcome, before you start, here are a few things to consider.

  • Pin pointing your target market and the targeted message you require to spread
  • The advantages of your goods and services.
  • How and why the receiver can take best use of offers
  • What type of response you expect, what does the recipient do after they have read your mailshot?


Answers to these points can help you draw a perfect mailshot to achieve maximum response from the recipients.

The contents is key to a great mailshot

Mailshots are designed in different sizes and shapes like flyers, leaflets and can even be personalised package with different components. The vital component of any mailing is a personalised letter, addressed to a particular person and showing your awareness about the market and what relevant thing you are offering. A letter beginning ‘Dear Sir’ or to the ‘House Owner’ doesn’t really cut it these days. The more targeted you can be, the more likely it will be opened or read by the recipient.


There are very few restrictions regarding how you shape your mailshot, as long as you don’t oversize your envelope so it doesn’t fit in the letterbox then you can get creative when it comes to creating your campaign. Creative campaigns often use bespoke sizes or cutout designs to help their mailshot stand out from the crowd, but these can be expensive even if you are considering printing a few thousand copies.


One of the most effective methods from available ones is coupon, but it has to match the codes of sale promotion practices. Also, coupons must carry terms and conditions applicable for their redemptions, the start and close date of the offer, address of communication, etc. These coupons are very easy to track so can keep on eye on how successful your campaign is.


How to write a good direct mail letter

A letter is an indirect but quite crucial way of communicating in between two real persons since every company or organization is basically represented and dealt by real people. A letter is more personal, as it’s addressed to the exact person you want to read it. Even if its only the very first step, a personalised letter should be capable enough of establishing personal relation with the customer.


A correct proposition is must with a clear and interesting message for the receiver is important so that he remembers it and replies to it. There are two things that are communicated by a good proposition that is the specialty of your goods or services and the benefits available to the customer. The aim should be to make the receiver aware about how his money and time can be saved or how any improvement will benefit the customer.


The key benefits should be highlighted by using catchy headlines or through interesting questions like “Are you losing on money by …”? By addressing this specific benefit will make the recipient answer the question sub consciously and hopefully in your favour. Try not to ‘Americanize’ this benefit too much, we’ve all seen the info ads claiming too many of these benefits, try to use only 3 main benefits and lead with the most important one first. Adding more than 3 ‘bullet point’ headlines will only water down the initial 3.

Next thing once the attention is grabbed is to announce what you are going to offer. Testimonials and reviews can add credibility to your arguments. You can also add a catchy PS to recall the gist of the entire message and reminding for replying to the message, but once again try not to over do it here. Don’t repeat word for word one of the previous benefits, customers are not idiots – you don’t need to repeat the benefits over and over again, you will only annoy them and they’ll stop reading.


Expect the desired response

There should be clear instructions on a mailshot about a ‘call to action’. These are a way of persuading your customer as to what to do next in order to obtain further information or to purchase your product or service. This is the main aspect of every mail system to get the desired response. For instance, having spelled out all the benefits or technical information you need to direct the customer to ‘Give us a call now on…” or ‘Visit our website for more details…’. This sounds kind of primitive but without a call to action, may leave your recipients without any direction and then do nothing more.


There are lots of different methods, which can be usedby the respondent to reply – like freephonenumbers, pre-paid envelopes, discount offers or gift for replying early. Closing date of such response should also be clearly mentioned.


Be professional and do it properly

Finalizing with the mailshot is a time consuming process which starts with a concept and end with a design and printing, so it is better to divide this process into stages.

You should carefully select the paper quality, too thin and its seen as cheap, too thick and it will be too expensive. Get quality images, poorly shot photos off your phone will only spoil the overall look of the leaflet or flyer. Images are the first thing people see when they are looking at any promotional printing, so if these are poor its likely to end up straight in the bin before your compelling wording has had any chance of being read. Colour is also very important and needs to be considered.

All these factors have the power of either making or breaking your campaign.


This is where you really do need to consider taking the advice of a professional designer. The easiest and cheapest way to get a design is to hire a freelancer or even hiring a nearby design agency. Sometimes the printing company you choose to provide you with the leaflet printing may also offer to design your leaflets for free. Don’t make this mistake of thinking you can design and print these yourself. Unless you are offering a dog walking, window cleaning or lawn mowing service then your promotional printing is best left up to the experts.


Whatever method you choose, you should make this sure that is eye catching and provide you with best possible results, you have only one chance to impress people so do the best you can for the budget you can afford.