Do you wonder how to create a website without using HTML? Do you avoid it because you do not know what an HTML is? Before we move on, you should know what HTML is and what it does. HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language. This has a process that is standardized to tag text files so that you can have fonts, graphics, effects, and more on the internet. When you do not use an HTML, you are creating a fully customized website just for you.

1.    Research

When you start a website, you should make sure that you are familiar with many things. For example, you are going to want to be familiar with domains, servers, web hosting, and more. You can visit websitebuilders to learn more information.

When you use the web hosting service you are using a service through the internet that will help you, as well as other people, have access to your specific website on the internet. Web hosts are going to be the companies that give you server space for your own use and make sure that your website is connected to the internet. Usually, this happens through a data center.

Your domain or the domain name is going to be basically your nametag for the internet. Your website can be found through this name. You are going to have to choose a domain name and register it through the DNS. This will ensure that your domain is safe and cannot be used by anyone else.

The server is going to be the one responsible for accepting requests from people. This can share sources from many people and it is important to have because you can accept and request from others.

2.    Buy a Domain Name/Package for Hosting

Now that you have educated yourself, you are going to want to buy a domain name, as well as a package for hosting. You can buy these online and it is very simple. However, ensure that what you are buying is from a legit website. Some websites are scams.

3.    Make a Plan

You can now make a design for the site. You should have a plan in your head before you build the site because it will be a time-consuming task. When you have a plan in your head beforehand, it makes it a little less time-consuming.

4.    Design

Now that you have planned, you can design your site. However, there are a few things that you should follow when designing your website.

  • You should utilize the site-build from the hosting company. If you have purchased a web hosting package and domain from a site, they may offer site-building software free.
  • Use a developer. There are many of these developers that can be used for free and are easy to obtain.


You now know how to create a website using no HTML and it is not as hard as you probably thought it would be. When building a website with no HTML you are basically building your own website without templates.