How to Create Effective Content


Creating content all starts with knowing and understanding your brand’s voice and what message you want to send to a particular audience. The “brand voice” is a consistent style or expression through words that engage your target audience. What you say and how you say it determines how the brand will be perceived, so it’s vital to think about a strategy to make sure how you’re communicating with your audience is effective so it’s consistent with the brand’s needs, wants and values. Defining your brand voice is the first step to creating impactful content—it always needs to be considered when creating engaging content for a particular brand. Defining your brand voice can be as simple as creating key terms, traits, or other characteristics that define the brand. Once you’ve created the foundation of establishing a brand voice, there are other elements to understand and implement in order to create stunning, engaging content.

Identify the Tone

Once the brand voice has been defined, the content can be produced in many ways on social media, your website, and in other marketing campaigns. Consistency is key. You want a common theme and tone that represents the brand’s voice. The content team needs to know how to effectively strategize the brand’s voice and to put it into action through the content that is being produced. If a particular campaign is completely outside of what the brand’s voice and mission is, it could shift how a brand is perceived as a whole by its audience. That could either be a good or a very bad thing. Content marketing can take time to show real results, but if your team is relaying the brand’s voice effectively through the content that is being produced, your brand’s visibility is sure to increase by having effective content in place that is resonating with your target audience.

Be Creative

Creating effective content also involves being creative by taking advantage of all the social media and web tools available to you. There are many platforms you can use to enhance your message with stunning imagery, video, and custom articles on your website. These should all be a part of an effective content strategy. Keep your audience engaged by creating original video content, posting on social media, and posting vivid photos with filters and fun fonts. There are many applications, such as Instasize, that help with creating a creative and consistent theme that is cohesive with your brand voice and how you want a certain image to look. Take photos to the next level by using an app’s built-in glam squad with editing features and tools that will perfect images and even video content. Want a vintage, old-time feel to your videos? There are a variety of tools literally at your fingertips, to do so. People will start to seek out your content based on how it was received by them the first time. Keep them engaged by creating new content on various mediums.

Use a Variety of Content

Have you ever heard of the saying, “don’t put all of your eggs in one basket?” Well, it’s especially true when it comes to creating effective content. You need to reach your audience in a variety of ways and that means stepping outside of the box and creating original content on social media platforms, in print, and online. Sure, there might be a certain outlet you might want to utilize more for a particular audience or demographic, but it would be silly and irresponsible really, to completely ignore a certain medium. Variety is key and essential to growing a brand. For example, Statista reports that Instagram is the favored social platform to engage with brand content among women in the U.S. But what if your brand’s reach also includes men or a certain age group? The Pew Research Center reports that YouTube is the most popular social media platform among 18- to 24-year-olds. You need to cover all of your bases. Using a variety of different platforms and mediums also allows you to appeal to a person’s emotions more. Depending on what the message is, that may be done more effectively through an image or video than in an article. Emotions is the biggest driver behind a person making a purchase decision. Engage your audience more with variety. No one will be receptive to a boring, dry ad campaign.

Be a Team Player

According to Statista, the largest content marketing challenge in either B2B or B2C markets is producing engaging content. Creating engaging and effective content isn’t always a one-person task. Collaborate with people to bounce ideas off of them and to receive feedback. Try some exercises by creating content and setting up a review process. How is that content being perceived? Most importantly, how might it be perceived by your audience? It takes more than one person to identify who and what your audience needs through various marketing channels. Build an effective team to not only create, but to analyze the content you’re creating to measure and optimize its effectiveness.

You need to know your audience before you even attempt to start communicating with them. Again, that all starts with establishing the brand voice and creating content by building off of those fundamental steps.  Related: How to Curate Different Types of Content for Social Media