How to create your trading system using the demo account


Learning the art of trading is very hard. Being a new trader in the financial market you will have to overcome lots of challenges in this industry. Many traders often say that it’s almost impossible to make profit consistently. But if you look at the pro traders in the United Kingdom than you will be surprised to see that most of them are making huge amount profit based on the spread betting industry. If you can truly master the art of trading then it won’t take much time to become a professional trader and change your life. Today we will give you a clear guideline how to develop a balanced trading system without risking your real money. After reading this article some of you might think that it’s really very easy when it comes to real life trading you will feel the extreme heat of Forex market.

Learn the basics first

The first thing that you should do is to learn the basic details of this market. Most of the retail traders are trading without having a proper knowledge of the market participant and structure. And at the end of the day, every single one of them loses money. But the professional traders in the United Kingdom are very much concerned about this factor and they always advise the new traders to study more about the Forex market before they even make their first deposit. Most of the traders are too much biased with the profit factors, and they hardly learn about the associated risk in trading. According to statistics, only 5 % of the traders are able to make money. So this number should give you a clear idea of how hard it is to trade the market with real money.

Open a demo trading account

Instead of trading the market with your real money it’s always better to start with the spread betting demo account UK. In the demo account, you can trade as much as you want without risking any real money. The pro traders often consider the demo trading account as the best platform to develop the basic trading skills for novice traders. Though it’s a demo account the price feed is very much accurate. To be precise there is will be not a single point difference in price of the currency pairs. So if you can trade successfully in demo account then chances are very high that you will be able to make consistent profit in your real trading account. It’s true that you will make tons of mistakes being a beginner but always learn from your trading mistakes. Use your trading knowledge to develop a balanced trading system to trade this market with the high level of accuracy.

Learn the art of trade management

Once you have developed your trading system it’s time for you to learn about the trade management section. Without having the precise trade management knowledge your trading system will be incomplete. Being a new trader you will often have to face some losing trades. The novice traders get frustrated by seeing the losing orders and start executing trades with big lots to recover their trading loss. At times they will be able to cover the big losses but most of the time they will blow their trading account. But if you learn about trade management then you will be trading with high-risk reward ratio. If you can simply trade with a 1:3 reward ratio then even after losing 50% of the time you will be able to make a huge amount of profit  every month.

Trading is one of the most sophisticated business in the whole world. You need to work really hard to develop a balanced trading system. Being a new trader it’s always better to learn the art of trading in demo trading account. Once you gain enough confidence with your demo trading performance, switch back to live trading account.