How To Deliver Video Content Profitably In The Age Of Hyper-distribution


The media and entertainment industry (M&E) has always been the battlefront of creative giants. With the development of technology that supports that industry, competition for the best tech and software solutions has become a part of this lucrative business’ dynamics as well. Alongside this tight race, the consumers’ appetites and demands have been growing as well. Now, which one’s the cause and which one’s the consequence – that’s an entirely different topic. But what came out as a result of this race is the strong competition among content owners to deliver their titles fast and effectively, make them available on any device, at any time, and do all of that efficiently in terms of cost too. This is exactly how new and innovative ways to deliver the content were created where advanced media supply chain solutions created by entertainment technology companies like OWNZONES enable content creators to have more time to go back to their original work – creation and stay competitive in the age of hyper-distribution of content.

Move to the Cloud

Cloud technology has been the buzz term for quite a while now and it has reached its maturity stage. Recent research predicts that by the end of 2025, 80% of company workloads will have been transferred to the public cloud. The reasons lie in its advantages over legacy on-premises servers used for managing and delivering content. Being innovators as they are, the team behind OWNZONES decided to build its video supply chain platform in the Cloud itself and hosted it on Amazon AWS. In that way, they provide efficient and secure content storage and management thanks to Amazon’s dedication to cloud security.

Unlike on-prem servers that represent a huge money pit due to obligatory maintenance, security, and upgrade costs which need to occur every 3 to 5 years, their cloud-native solution lessens the CapEx up to 90%. How is that possible? First of all, there are none of the aforementioned costs – there is no need to invest in new server hardware and equipment, and no need for manpower to do the time-consuming maintenance processes. Secondly, OWNZONES solution is based on the pay-as-you-go model which means that users use only the amount of storage needed for a specific project. The solution is scalable, hence the expenses of underused on-prem servers are eliminated.

Use the IMF

Industry leaders such as Netflix and Hulu are introducing new standards to meet the demands of modern technologies and users. And the Interoperable Master Format, or IMF, is the future-proof format which allows the user to have one master file and change individual components of a title. What does this mean for content creators who want to deliver their content to different endpoints across the world? It means that they can easily perform changes such as localization of the content by only altering specific components like dubbed audio files or subtitles, and not entire titles which would require serious amounts of storage.

In other words, instead of having 30 different versions of a title for instance, you can create one master file and 30 audio files that can be distributed to different geographical markets and locations via the cloud-based media supply chain platform accordingly. OWNZONES team has recognized the benefits of this format and thanks to the world’s fastest transcoder, content owners can transform their titles in near real-time and deliver it at a fraction of the time and cost due to less storage required.

Streamline workflow and video supply chain management

Since the entire video content is available on the cloud and all the issues of physical servers have been overpassed, the entire workflow is sped up enabling teams across the world to seamlessly take part in the process with full access and control over the content. With advanced metadata search options and use of AI to improve content searchability and quality control, the time that used to require a large number of working hours is now down to a minimum. Therefore, operational costs are decreased and more time is gained for other tasks in the process. As OWNZONES is a cloud-based platform, all the transcoding is performed on the cloud which represents an incomparably faster way of creating HD-quality versions which meet each endpoint’s requirements.

All in all,  in today’s age of hyperproduction, talent and creativity are just a part of what it takes to succeed. Innovation, speed, and cost-efficiency of the entire production and post-production cycles are imperatives. Luckily, content creators can combine their efforts with the work of entertainment technology companies and stay ahead in the race of content delivery with trailblazing video supply chain platforms.