How to Develop an E-learning App


Technological advancements have significantly changed the approaches to education. More and more schools, colleges, and universities are moving towards the digital platform and mobile application usage to provide students with the best educational experience and practices. Besides, the Covid-19 outbreak and its consequences have also significantly boosted e-Learning app development as there is a need to provide a continuous educational process even in this challenging situation. Today, many e learning mobile apps of various types are offered to users: online courses, language learning, corporate training, learning management, online classes, test preparation, study tools, and many others.

If you are one of those who have a brilliant idea and want to develop an extremely helpful elearning application, there are some useful tips following which you will certainly achieve the determined goal.

E-Learning Mobile App Development Tips:

Target audience and distribution of user roles

It is essential from the very beginning to define your app target audience, its average age, the pace of life, needs, etc. You should decide whether your app will be used by only teachers, students, or teachers, students, and their parents.

Professional content

It is strongly recommended to engage reliable, professional educators and experts to design a training package, especially for the needs of your target audience. 


As a rule, most users would like to have proof of course completion. The most well-established digital learning platforms provide their users with certificates. That is why, if you want to create e learning app that looks reputable, be heedful of valid certifications.

Engaging learning methods

The learning process is often considered as something boring; that is why it is essential to make it as engaging as possible. You can do it with the help of gamification. It has been proved that game-based learning methods remarkably improve productivity. Virtual and augmented reality is also very effective in these terms. Gamification, VR, and AR can help attract many more users and make their learning experience more exciting and engaging.

Monetization Opportunities

Cost of e learning development can be rather high, and your e-Learning app must bring good income to justify itself. That is why it is important to choose an appropriate monetization method. Here you have several options: free and/or premium subscription, in-App ads, E-commerce facility.

Progress tracking

For successful learning, it is important to test knowledge and monitor learning progress. That is why your app should contain various tests and quizzes to train new skills, ensure successful knowledge absorbing, make learning more interesting, and evaluate progress.

In-App chat

This feature provides effective communication within the application. Using it, students can easily get in touch with their mentors or with each other whenever they need and wherever they are.

Push notifications

Notifications are critical to the success of an e-Learning application. Users must be continuously informed about new video addition, new course content available, or any other updates.


User-friendliness is important for any application, but for e-Learning apps, it is extremely essential, especially if they are targeted at children. “Make sure that your e-Learning app is quite simple, intuitive, and easy to use. In these terms, usability testing is a must for e learning app development”, says Oleh Sadykow, a co-founder of DeviQA – leading software testing company.

Beta testing

Beta testing is a good practice for e learning development process. Whatever brilliant features and functions you have implemented, you never can be sure that your app will be a success. Only end-users can tell you whether your app is valuable, effective, and meets all their requirements.


e-Learning app is a rather specific product. You have to consider different aspects, use various approaches, and pay attention to every particular detail. We hope that the tips mentioned above will help you move on the right way and pull it off.