How to do shopping with bitcoins in any e-shop?


Bitcoins are a very sought after financial investment. The reason that they are so popular is due to the strong exchange-rate that the bitcoin currently experiencing. This means that they are an excellent investment and can have great purchasing power. The strength of the bitcoin compared to dollar, pound sterling and euro has been increasing steadily since its introduction.

But where can you get them from? A new website has come up with a solution to that very problem. Plazacoin allows people to purchase the things that they want using bitcoins. How they do is by using a proxy buyer to purchase the goods for them in exchange for bitcoins. The proxy buyer receives bitcoins and the original bitcoin owner receives the goods that they desire. So the average person can get bitcoins and also spend them when they wish to.


Plazacoin provides its customers with a virtual marketplace where people can view offers to sell bitcoins to people in exchange for the buyer purchasing their good for them. The virtual marketplace allows customers to choose which transactions they wish to be involved in and to negotiate with other customers. Another benefit to trading bitcoins in this way is that it allows customers to make purchases in any e-shop in the world that they desire. This kind of flexibility allows customers to be confident that any bitcoins they receive can be used to make the purchases that they want.

People wishing the buy or use bitcoins can do so by going to and following the instructions on the website. Once they have registered members can than visit the marketplace and put down details of a product they wish to buy. They then place down a deposit in bitcoins equal to the value of the product. A proxy buyer will then accept the offer if they find it reasonable and make arrangements to have the product sent to the bitcoin owner. The two parties involved in the transaction can keep in contact through the website during the process. Once the order is confirmed the bitcoin owner will transfer the bitcoin into the proxy buyer’s account. In order to run the website a 3% commission is taken from the transaction, part of which goes to charity. There is no waiting and once registered, which takes a matter of minutes, a customer can conduct transactions immediately.

So if you have bitcoins you wish to spend or would like to acquire bitcoins, then Plazacoin offers an easy and effective way to do both. Visit Plazacoin now and see how easy using bitcoins to conduct your e-transactions can be.