How to edit PDF and manipulate PDFs only with Web-Apps


Its a well known fact that PDFs are great for sharing documents across the internet, maintaining their overall appearance. However, this cross-platform portability has one big trade-off: The PDF format is very static and it is always a pain to edit a PDF after it has been created. In the following we show you a how you can do nearly any modification to a PDF using the PDF tools offered by Converter Page. This site provides a large collection of web-apps for your daily needs and is also specialized in PDF manipulation: We will show you how to make a PDF editable again by converting it to Word, merging and splitting PDFs and also how to add or remove a password protection to your PDF.

How to combine multiple PDFs into a single document:

A very common problem is the combination of several PDFs in a single document. offers the right tool here: Its free PDF Joiner gives you the opportunity to reorganize your PDF documents and combine them according to your needs. Furthermore, it also optimizes documents while merging so that the size of the final document is quite moderate which allows you sharing the result via email.

How to split PDFs into single pages:

Imagine you come across a large PDF consisting of hundreds of pages, but in fact you only need to extract a few pages of interest from this document. Most standard PDF readers like Adobe Acrobat Reader do not allow you to extract the contents of the document without losing the formatting in the process.  Using a free PDF splitter like it is offered by you can conveniently divide your PDF files into a single pages in a matter of seconds. You can even extract page ranges from your document. This can be really useful if you just want to store the essence of a PDF file. All you have to do is give the start and end page numbers of the range you are interested in and you will receive the intermediate pages in a separate PDF file for download. Alternatively, you can get all pages of the PDF in a ZIP file, simply by selecting the respective option.

How to deal with PDF passwords online:

Also removing the password protection from a PDF is a problem, where standard software does not offer a convincing solution. However, like for the problems discussed before there is a free solution available online. offers two options here:

If you still remember the PDF password, simply choose the first option. The application will ask you  to enter the PDF password.  You will receive an download link instantly, where you can download the PDF and it will never ask you for a password again.

If you forgot your password, you will have to spend a little more time: To get your password removed, you will have to choose the second option. The service will now begin to guess the password. If it is not too strong, you have a good chance of recovering it that way. The process can take up to 10 minutes. When finished, you will receive a notification if the password has been found. However, there is no guarantee of success but it is worth a try.

How create an editable Word document out of any PDF:

Often it is also required to change the content of a PDF. One possible solution to make PDFs editable again is converting them into an Word document. This can be achieved with the PDF to DOC converter offered by

This application allows you to convert any PDF into an editable Word document at no cost. All you have to do so is to submit PDF file you want to convert and press the “Convert” button. The application will produce an excellent result in a short time. During our review, no conversion took more than a minute, which is an quite impressibve performance for a service that is available for free. The tool extracts all text from your PDF, applies a sophisticated OCR function when necessary and also is able to handle images that may be embedded in your PDF.