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When your business reaches the point where it’s time to expand its product line, it can be a very exciting and monumental moment. It shows there has been growth and success – enough to warrant expansion. The idea is that, by offering more products to your clients, you’ll be able to bring in even more sales and allow the business to grow further. Of course, simply bringing in new products and then hoping they catch the eyes of your clients isn’t usually the best course of action.

Typically, if you’re looking to expand your product line, you want to be thinking of advertising tips and tools that will coincide with the launch, and even start before the launch takes place. Here are some tips that will help you effectively advertise new items and offerings in your product line.

Generate Interest Before the Launch Date

The first tip has to do with timing. Rather than waiting for the new product to go live and be available to clients, start advertising it in advance so you can generate interest and buzz. As for how much in advance you need to advertise, there is no wrong or right answer. Some companies may only give a few days’ notice, whereas others will advertise the product for months before it becomes available. Just make sure that if you advertise a launch date, this date is firm and there won’t be any changes.

Film a Television Commercial

Even though there is a lot of focus on marketing through social network channels nowadays, that shouldn’t take away from the effectiveness of a professional television commercial. TV commercials are still a very effective way to connect with your target audience. The key is to ensure you hire a professional company that has experience with TV commercials.

Take Beverly Boy Productions, a Miami video production company, which provides its clients with a whole team of video productions professionals. That means professional camera crews with all the top-notch film and editing equipment. What this means is that your product will be displayed in the best possible way.

Set Up a Contest or Giveaway with the New Product

Another great way to create buzz and draw interest is to set up a contest or giveaway where the new product will be the gift. Let’s face it, everyone loves free stuff, so this will automatically capture the attention of your target audience.

Let Creativity Be Your Best Tool

Because competition is fierce in just about every industry out there, it’s also a good idea to take a creative approach when introducing your new product. You want to zero in on the unique aspects of the product, and make sure that these are the qualities your advertising campaign focuses on. Doing so in a creative and engaging way will help your message to resonate with customers.

Starting Out on a Positive Note

Making sure you take the proper steps to effectively market your new product will help ensure that not only will the launch be a success, but that the product moving forward will continue to be a strong offering.