Every digital marketer wants to rank higher in search engines. For this purpose, one of the tactics they use is link building. They try to build strong backlinks to their website to become one of the favorites of Google and get a higher ranking. However, despite all their efforts to build quality backlinks, digital marketers aren’t able to acquire a good ranking for their website. The reason is that the links they assumed to be strong were actually bad and failed to aid their link building campaign in any way.

Therefore, digital marketers should assess the quality of a website before asking the webmaster to backlink their website. However, since Google is constantly updating its algorithms, it’s possible for a link that was once good to turn bad after an update by Google. Thus, it’s also important to determine the quality of existing backlinks. In this article, we’ll enunciate how one can find out if they have a strong backlink.

1.     Use Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster provides information about all the backlinks to a website’s content. By clicking on the option that reads “Links to Your Site” a webmaster can get data that shows the total number of backlinks to their website, sites that link to theirs, most linked-to pages to their site and anchor text that’s used to link to their site.

A digital marketer can use this data to determine where backlinks to their website are coming from. Then, they can investigate the websites that are backlinking their site to determine if the backlink is bad or strong.

2.     Determining if the Backlink is Strong or Bad

In order to determine if the backlink is strong or bad, the first thing digital marketers must do is analyze the domain authority of a website. If the domain authority of the website that is linking to their website is above 30, it means that the backlink is strong. Domain authority of a website can be viewed using Link Explorer, MozBar and several other SEO tools available across the web.

Spam Score is another metric which must be checked to determine if the backlink is strong. Spam Score is provided by Moz and it shows how likely the website is to be penalized by Google. Spam score greater than five means that Google has penalized the website. A backlink coming from such a website will affect the search engine ranking of the website it is linking to.

3.     Check if the Backlink is Coming from Spam Sites

Backlinks coming from a spam site will affect the ranking of the website they are linking to. That’s because the search algorithm of Google is designed to provide trustworthy results for search queries. Links are largely used by Google to determine trustworthiness of a website.

Therefore, VM Interactive and Healthy Links should ensure the backlinks to their website come from trustworthy sites. Many webmasters who are enjoying a good ranking suddenly experience a major drop in their ranking when a new update is released by Google simply because the backlinks to their site aren’t trusted.

Websites that provide high-quality and informative content and aren’t involved in any unfair tactics to promote their website are trusted more by Google. Therefore, digital marketers should assess the trust worthiness of the websites that are linking their site. If a spam sites is linking to their website, they should promptly have the link disavowed or removed.

Majestic’s Trust Flow and Citation Flow metrics can be used to determine the trustworthiness of a website.

4.     Check the Relevancy of the Website

When determining the quality of a backlink, it is important to check the relevancy of the website the link is coming from. VM Interactive stipulates that digital marketers often don’t analyze the relevancy of the website that they are targeting for link building.

The advance algorithm of Google can detect the relevancy of a backlink and reward websites for links that come from relevant sources. Therefore, a backlink coming from a totally unrelated website is useless. If a digital marketer finds that an unrelated website is linking to their site, they should get the link disavowed or removed.

By following the steps outlined in this article, digital marketers can determine if they have a strong backlink. It may seem like a major undertaking to check all the existing links, but it’s essential for a site’s SEO.