How to Generate Additional Income for Your Business


With many small businesses, one of the big problems they have is financing their products. There is a fine line between making enough to run your company and not making enough to keep it going. Therefore, if you wanted to generate additional income for expansion or to build on what you already have, then you might have to think of other alternatives. Here are a variety of ideas for different ways you can generate additional income for your business.

Sell Advertising

One of the easiest ways to generate additional income for your company is to sell advertising. For example, if you have a website that is visited by thousands of people, then this will be a great magnet for companies. You can then charge them a fee to place an ad on your website. You should be careful not to advertise any competitors to your company. You can also think about adding advertising to your vehicles or your products. It might be that you can run a joint promotion with another company, this will help to generate income for both of you.

Get Sponsorship

Instead of generating additional income, you can offset some of your expenditure with sponsorship. For example, if you need a fleet of cars, then a local garage or car showroom may sponsor those cars for you in return for their name displayed on the vehicles. Many companies use sponsorship especially television companies.


Some companies consider investing in other things such as companies or buildings in order to gain some additional funds. It might be that you want to buy the building you are occupying and then rent off some of the space to other businesses. There are companies like 1031 Exchange that can help you find a property that will be the right investment for your business.

Selling Production to Other Companies

If you are a manufacturer, it isvery possible that you will have all the equipment you need to make your products. However, there may be smaller companies that cannot afford to buy their own equipment. In these cases, you can sell your manufacturing service to them, so they then pay you to produce their products. Some companies will make products for many other companies with individual packaging to match the customer. This type of system is especially popular with grocery stores who will often use the same supplier as other grocery stores but with their own labels.


Franchises can be a good way to expand your business while not having to spend any time or money running it. Franchises are run by an independent entrepreneur who will sell your products. They buy those products from you at a reduced rate, but it still leaves you with a nice income with none of the overheads.

By using some or all these ideas, you can quickly start to generate some additional income for your company. You can then concentrate on expanding your business or building on what you already have while still having this extra money coming in.