How to Get a Job Through a Staffing Agency


Staffing agencies are a great way to start your career, or take the next step in the one you’ve already begun. If you’re looking for a job in a specific industry, like engineering, you should check out and sign up with engineering staffing agencies.

Location isn’t a concern when it comes to staffing agencies; although sometimes companies like to use agencies that are in their city, they don’t always do so. So you may sign up with a staffing agency in New York, and end up working on a contract in Florida. For more details on the types of positions you can find through a staffing agency, read below.


There are various types of jobs that staffing agencies are contracted to provide. These jobs are given to agencies that bid on the job listings and win the contracts.

In these contracts, details about how much the employee will be paid and the administration fees for the account are hashed out and placed in front of the employer in the form of a proposal. Once a company has won the contract, they can start looking for candidates. Some contracts are awarded after finding suitable candidates. 

Recruiting is an important process in staffing. A recruiter often has to search through large resume databases. If you’re looking for a specific position, you need to tailor your resume so that when recruiters do a keyword search, your resume will pop up. This is where signing up with the agency is important.

The first resource the agencies use is their own. It’s free for them to search their own database so they’re more inclined to use their own resources before paying for others. Send your resume to the recruiters and even if you’re not working with them, always keep them updated with a new resume. This way, you’ll always pop up in their searches.

Temporary placements

Temporary placements are easier to come by than permanent ones. If you’re looking for a permanent position coming out right from school, this isn’t always possible, but it is important to gain relevant experience in order to further your career.

Temporary placements can be anywhere from a few hours to 12 months long. When you’re working in a temporary position, you may be filling in for a key person on the company’s team or added to a team for your expertise. Even though you’re temporary, remember that you’re important and the company paid for you to be there.

If you do well with your temporary position, sometimes this may lead to a permanent position, depending on the contract. So you should always be professional and do your best work. Even if you’re not hired on, you’ll get a great recommendation that will help you further your career. 

Permanent placements

Permanent placements come in two forms, contract to permanent and permanent positions. Contract to permanent happens when you’re on a temporary job assignment and you do such a great job that they hire you.

Some companies with an HR department located in another city or state will often hire a staffing agency to look for new recruits. Again, if you have your resume in their database, your resume will be pulled before other resumes for these positions.

Working with a staffing agency is a good way to gain experience and even find a permanent position. Some companies only go with agencies for their contract to permanent, contract, or even permanent jobs, so it’s always a good idea to be signed up. You’ll be called or emailed as soon as something that lines up with your resume comes onto their desk.