How to Get Back Deleted or Lost Notes on Mac?

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All desktop PC users at least once faced with the problem of accidentally deleting the necessary files. In MAC OS, there are several simple and fast ways to get back files to computer memory. Let us consider in more detail how to recover deleted files MAC.

Proven Methods to Recover Deleted Files

The most obvious and easy way to recover deleted files is to check the Recycle Bin folder. It contains all the objects of the OS that the user deleted. If the Recycle Bin has been emptied or the file has been permanently deleted using the hotkey combination, you should use one of the following methods.  So, how to recover deleted notes on MAC? Follow this guide:

1. Recover deleted files from recycle bin. Follow the instructions to recover deleted notes that were previously added to Trash Can:

  • Open the desktop window and select the folder “Trash”;
  • Wait until all previously deleted files are displayed in the opened window;
  • Find the document that you want to return to the PC memory and right-click on it;
  • In the context menu, select “Put Back”. Now the object is displayed on the desktop or in the directory, which it was deleted from.

2. The Recycle Bin is empty. What to do? Consider what to do in a situation if the user has emptied the recycle bin. After each cleaning of the Trash Can directory, the operating system automatically saves its backup to the iCloud storage. To get back the desired file, follow these steps:

  • Using a browser, go to the website;
  • Log in and select the folder “Temporary storage”;
  • Find the desired object and restore it with the appropriate key.

Important: Do you know how to recover notes from iCloud? Recovering the files after cleaning the bin in MAC OS X is possible only for 30 days. After this period, all temporary data is permanently deleted from iCloud. Take this into account!

  1. Check Time Machine Backup. To restore a file from a backup, find the shortcut on the desktop of the system utility «Time Machine».  Start Time Machine in the window that opens. Wait for the “Time Machine” to load. Now move between the timeline on the screen and use the arrows on the desktop to select the object to be returned. Click on the file and click on “Restore”.
  2. Use Disk Drill for the return of deleted files. In addition to standard recovery methods, you can use such a popular recovery tool as Disk Drill. Using the best software to recover deleted files on MAC, you can easily restore files even after they are deleted from the recycle bin. If the PC “Time Machine” was not started, a third-party utility will help to restore file timestamps from the hard disk structure. Thus, information about the object is returned and restored.

The Recovered File Is Damaged: What Should You Do?

If, as a result of the recovery of notes in MAC OS, you managed to return the desired file, folder or archive, but they do not open or the contents of the file are inaccurate – this document is considered damaged. The cause of damage to the program structure of the document is in the operation of third-party programs or in the incorrect saving of the backup by the operating system. Unfortunately, it is impossible to control this.

If you still get a damaged file, try opening it in several programs. For example, multimedia objects are always opened without problems by the VLC player, even if they do not have a coherent structure. Text documents can be tried to recover for reading using online services. Alternatively, you can open the document using a standard UTF-8 notepad.