How to Get GOV Backlinks to Boost Your Website SEO


Nowadays link building is one of the most demanded SEO technologies. It is used to increase the reliability level of the website. A good reputation is important for search engine algorithms.

However, link building could not be effective, if you randomly choose links and donor platforms. The high quality of backlinks is the main criterion of the success of the link building technology.

That is why GOV links are in great demand lately. The point is that GOV backlinks are considered to be links of the highest quality, which can increase the presentability of any site.

GOV Backlinks: What Is It? 

GOV backlinks are links, which lead to your website, located on the official platform of a certain government institution.

In fact, when it comes to the GOV backlinks the main mechanism of the link building remains unchanged. Thus, according to a specific agreement the website of a state institution posts a link, which leads to your platform.

So, the peculiarity of GOV links lies precisely in the specialties of the GOV website.

Characteristic of GOV Websites  

GOV websites are considered to be the best donor platforms for backlinks inasmuch as they have a high PageRank and almost flawless reputation in search systems. That is the reason why a lot of link builders want to find out how to get GOV backlinks

The secret of such high reliability of official sites of different state institutions is in the availability of the GOV domain.

This domain type appeared in 1985 in the USA. It was elaborated for use on official web pages of the government organizations in the USA like Pension Fund, IRS, etc. However, after the active distribution of this domain in the States, it became available in other countries as well.

The value of the GOV domain is that it can be used only by bodies of the state apparatus. So, websites with a GOV domain is a rarity due to the limitation of state bodies. What is more, such platforms are the safest websites because of the authoritativeness of government institutions and their high-class security systems. 

Thus, most SEO specialists state that one backlink from the GOV domain is equal to 10 or sometimes even 100 backlinks from trust websites on domains of popular TLD zones.

Link building always requires painstaking work and special knowledge. GOV backlinks require even more effort due to their peculiarities and high demand. With such a helper as PRpost you get a chance to receive the best GOV backlinks saving your time.