How To Get Money Back from Binary Options and Avoid Being Scammed


The financial markets provide people with a horde of opportunities that can be used for making money. There are hundreds of products that can serve as great investment opportunities, but it is also essential to understand that this market doesn’t come without its risks. One of the most popular financial options that people can explore is none other than binary options. They are considered an exotic financial product that can help people in reaping monetary benefits in the long term. These binary options are extremely profitable and also easily accessible. They have become so popular because they provide investors with an easy and fun way to trade and make some money.

Ever since they have appeared in the market, binary options have been regarded as a good concept. However, when they were first made available to people, they were unmonitored and highly unregulated, which resulted in the appearance of numerous scam brokers. Therefore, a lot of people are trying to get money back from binary options and avoid being scammed in the future. Over the years, binary options have become regulated and a number of scam websites have been shut down as well. Nonetheless, scammers have still found ways to take advantage.

If you do your due diligence, you can find some credible and reliable brokers, but there are also those that are nothing but a scam and you need to be wary of them. So, how do you do that? You obviously don’t want to be wondering how to get money back from binary options scam in the future. In order to ensure it doesn’t happen, you have to make an effort to know what ways you can avoid them. Here are some of the things to be careful about:

  • If a broker contacts you out of the blue

If a binary options broker gets in touch with you out of the blue, it should automatically send up a red flag. They will call you up to offer you too good to be true services and there is a good chance that it is nothing but a scam. Reputable brokers would never contact people randomly, promising fast profits and high returns, because things just don’t work that way. If you receive an email or a call with an offer ‘you cannot afford to miss’, you should really miss it. One more important thing to consider is that a credible broker will never break any privacy rules by calling you up without your consent. They will only ever reach out to you if you have given your permission. 

  • If a broker has unclear terms and conditions

Before you select a binary options broker, you should take a look at their website and go over their terms and conditions. Otherwise, you will also be one of those people who are trying to get money back from binary options broker. If the terms and conditions don’t seem legitimate to you, or if they come off as highly unethical, then you need to steer clear of that website altogether. As the terms and conditions are a way for brokers to protect themselves from legal action, you should check to see what they are protecting themselves from.

  • If a broker is offering automated trading

On paper, it sounds like a good idea to have professionals or robots working for a broker help you with your binary options trading. They promise to provide you with trading advice and help in identify trading opportunities, but this would be a clear conflict of interest. Why wouldn’t they use the same to make money on their own? Your aim is to make money, but if you make money, then your broker will automatically lose money. So, why would they suffer losses for you?

If a broker is pushing their automated trading features or professionals too much, then there is a possibility that they might involve you in a loss spree to enjoy the benefits. Yes, there are some credible brokers who do offer 1-on-1 consulting with professionals and experts, but they never give any guarantees, as scam brokers are known to do.

  • If a broker has vague bonus policies

Nearly all binary options brokers offer bonuses to their clients and these are very appealing because they provide users with an additional boost that they can use. But, if the bonus sounds too good to be true or its policy is too vague, you need to be cautious. Otherwise, you will soon be wondering how to get money back from binary options broker. Some legitimate brokers do offer 100% bonuses, but they are upfront about the conditions that have to be met for claiming the said bonus. A good and authentic broker will provide details about their bonus policy on their website and if they don’t share these details, then it is definitely fishy.

  • If a broker is on an online blacklist

Since a lot of binary option scams have been uncovered, some websites have put together a list of all the brokers that are not legitimate and are just long-term scams. When you come across a binary options broker, you should do your due diligence and check online blacklists to ensure their name is not on any of them. AML (Anti-Money laundering) policies have been employed for this purpose only and they can help uncover scam brokers. 

There is no doubt that scams exist in the binary options trading market and they do create problems for brokers who are legitimate and professional. If you have become a victim of a fraud or scam brokerage and want to get money back from binary options broker, you can take advantage of recovery services that specialize in this area. Money-Back is one such service and they will be able to help you out in recovering the money you have lost. Apart from that, you should follow the tips outlined above to ensure you don’t fall for binary options trading scams in the future and put yourself at risk.