How To Get Motivated To Study


Are you a student that’s having a hard time getting motivated to study? It’s a tiring ordeal studying sometimes, it can feel like you are just re-reading the same sentence over and over again without actually learning anything. Well, it’s no use studying if you are not motivated to study. This is because without being motivated you are unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel! So you feel like you are just sitting there killing time until the end of the day. But how does one get motivated? Especially when they have to spend hours upon hours reading through the same things, studying the same things. Well there are a few ways to get yourself motivated to study, and if you follow them, you’ll find that your study time goes by a whole lot quicker.

Remind yourself why you are doing it

University and studying in general can sometimes feel like the be all and end all. You can start to feel like the only reason you are researching, quoting, referencing and all the rest of it, is because you have to get a good grade to come out with a high level degree at the very end. However, this way of thinking is a classic case of someone who has lost sight of why they are studying. Say for instance, you are studying English and your bogged down in a dull story like Robinson Crusoe. What are you meant to do to help you get through it? Just trudge through slowly, not really taking anything in? Of course not, what you could do is read your favourite poem, or an extract from your favourite book. This will help remind you why exactly you chose to study English in the first place. Because you believe the written word is a, beautiful thing. Similarly, if you are studying maths and have become bogged down in a load of complex numbers and equations, watch a documentary on Alan Turing or Pythagoras. This will help you to realise that maths makes amazing things and feats possible!

Get Help

One of the best ways to motivate yourself to study is to give yourself a bit of a starting push. This can come in many different forms, from asking your friends or family to have a look at the topic you are studying and give you pointers, to sourcing out help online. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Check out a site like PaperLeaf service, sites like this specialise in helping out students that are finding studying and writing their essay hard. They can support you in a myriad of ways, from supplying you with quotations, to writing parts of your essay for you. How to get motivated to study – tips are available on the website and in the blog that they write. But getting help from whatever source can really help spark your passion for you studying, as it gives a fresh interpretation to something that you have studied to death. Then you can come at the subject again, with a whole other interpretation, or with a few helpful quotes of paragraphs to help you through it.

Take a walk

Sometimes it can be as simple as getting up from your screen and going for a walk. If you walk outside, you can get a bit of fresh air and some perspective. If you just sit at your desk trying to jam knowledge into your head, then your brain is going to give up. But going for a walk can help relieve the stress and give you a bit of relaxing time, so you can come back to the work and give it your all.

Three little tips to enable you to remain motivated when you’re studying. It is one of the hardest things to do as a student, but as long as you remain patient, focused and give yourself a little bit of perspective now and then, you will find that the act of studying becomes a whole lot easier. Especially when you get some help from whatever source is available, and remind yourself why you love your subject.