How to grow followers on Twitter – What you need to consider doing


Growing a good following on Twitter gives you the potential to dramatically transform your business, and to get more people to know about your business. People see growing a good following on Twitter as a challenging process. Some of the people who took efforts to complete this challenge now have hundreds of thousands of followers while others are still waiting to put in those efforts.

Regardless of whether you are just a beginner or already have hundreds of followers, you need to achieve more followers as soon as possible for the betterment of your business. Here are a couple of tips for you to get a good number of followers on your Twitter account:

Follow back people who follow you

There are people on Twitter who most likely follow any account that follows them. Be sure to follow accounts who are interested in what you post or talk about, and they will follow you back in return.  Most of the people who you follow, feel obligated to follow you back as they have the fear of being unfollowed.

Tweet regularly

Tweeting regularly is an ideal way to get noticed. It’s simple; more you tweet, more the chances of getting a retweet. If you manage to get even a handful of tweets, your content will spread on Twitter, and hence, you can attract more followers.

Content is the key

What you post on your Twitter account matters a lot. People are constantly looking for valuable content–either for entertainment or to keep themselves updated. If you can, try posting content relevant to your audience. You can, in fact, try putting out incredible articles, motivational quotes, brilliant vlogs, etc., which people often like to retweet.

Include pictures in your tweet

Tweets with pictures have more engagement rate than the tweets without pictures. Indubitably, pictures express more, and are worth a thousand words! Tweeting content along with pictures will add more credibility to your tweet and will boost the engagement rate significantly.

Announce your twitter account on other social networks

People in your Google plus account, Facebook friends, Instagram and Pinterest followers are some of the audiences who would love to follow you on Twitter as well. Post a link to your Twitter account while you update a status on these social media platforms, so they can follow you.

Make conversations

Conversations allow you to make a good connection with the people you follow as well as with your followers. Interact with people who are interested in what business you are in, and chances are, they can become your follower. You can also get involved in what people are talking pertaining to your business. Potential followers can be turned into followers. You just need to tell them about you and having a conversation with such people can help them learn about you and your business. These are a couple of tips for you to start a conversation on Twitter:

  • Retweet the tweets of other people

If you don’t like to retweet often, you are probably using Twitter in a wrong way. People like when someone retweets their tweet. Many times, retweeting others’ tweet can help you get followers as many people feel grateful when someone retweets their tweet. They follow such people to show their token of appreciation.

  • Pin your popular tweets

Pinning a popular tweet is a way to grab the attention of potential followers. A popular tweet pinned on other platforms indicates that the owner of that tweet is popular on Twitter, which persuades people to follow such accounts.

Hashtags are paramount

Most of the people ignore hashtags and then complain they are not getting enough followers. Understand that Twitter is for people who want to stay in the trend. You should keep yourself updated about everything that goes in and around your industry, and one way to do that is by following hashtags on Twitter. Make use of those hashtags while retweeting. You will get noticed by the mass following that particular hashtag.

Earning Twitter follower is a challenge as it takes efforts and time-you consistently need to share good content, broadcast the latest news, and post witty remarks. Instead, you can buy twitter followers, and is relatively easy. A Twitter account that has more than a thousand followers is a perfect social media tool to promote your products or services. Use this guide to get the ideal promotional tool for your business!