According to Statista, the global ecommerce sales will reach nearly $4.5 trillion by 2021. This industry grows by about 25% a year, so if you don’t have an ecommerce business yet, now is the time to start one. If you already have an online shop of your own, this is how you get it to grow and succeed in 2018.

How to Grow an Ecommerce Business Fast in 2018

1.      Personalize everything

The first step to success in the ecommerce industry of 2018 is personalization. You must go beyond simple features, like product suggestions and emails with offers based on analyzing the customer’s behavior.

Everything on your website (both desktop and mobile versions) must be p0ersonalized, including services, such as creating custom products. The best digital enhancement to your ecommerce business is integrating an Augmented Reality feature that will help customers ‘try on’ your products online. If this is inapplicable to your particular brand of goods, try some other way to give buyers a digital sample of it.

If your budget is limited, personalization features, like online chatbots offering suggestions on product combinations, price calculators, etc. should be your first step.

2.      Upgrade your hosting

Even if you have a decent hosting, you should always look out for better opportunities. Therefore, studying web hosting reviews and special offers from leading providers is a must. Hosting plays an essential part in an ecommerce business success because it determines both speed of loading and reliability of your website.

Any failure or delay will cost you customers, and therefore cause direct money loss. It’s also important to understand that if you want to grow an ecommerce business fast, you’ll need adaptable hosting ready to accommodate traffic changes.

3.      Integrate Voice Control into your shop

In the beginning of 2016 Gary Illyes, a Google webmaster trends analyst, stated that Google voice Searches “doubled over the past year”. This number has increased further as today the popularity of Voice Control grows the fastest among digital trends.

You must offer some type of voice commands processing service when trying to grow an ecommerce business. Not doing it today puts your website down quite a few notches. If you want it to stand out, the voice commands should go beyond simple search. Do your best to make the entire shopping process able to operate under Voice Control.

4.      Double up on protecting your customers’ privacy

Yet another reason to look for the best hosting ever is to ensure your buyers’ personal data is protected as well as possible. Invest in the best encryption and be sure to make security certificates clearly visible.

As the rate of cybercrime grows, people get more vary of online transactions, so extra-security has become a major selling point. You also need to reassure your customers that you won’t sell out their personal information to any outside source, no matter the reason.

5.      Offer superior delivery terms

Today, 96% of customers want to have their orders delivered within 24 hours. If you want to grow an ecommerce business, you must ensure you can do this, or at least get as close to those terms as possible.

Note that free delivery isn’t as important as fast, but it also matters. So, be sure to find shipment services with great terms even before you launch your shop.