How To Grow Your Website’s Organic Traffic


If you’re a company that has a website, you are more than likely constantly looking for ways to grow your website organic traffic. However, something that seems like it would be simple in theory, can actually be quite difficult.

One key part of growing your organic traffic is through optimizing your website for search engine optimization. To better optimize your website follow the tips below!

Where To Begin With Search Engine Optimization

The main things to look out for whenever you’re going to optimize your website for search engine optimization is to look through your headings. It is important that on each page of your site you have an appropriate heading that includes a keyword for what that post is talking about.

It is also a good idea to have the right level of appropriate headings that will also include a keyword or two. If you do this it will help Google have a better idea of what your page is about, and it will begin to show up in more search rankings as a result.

Whenever you’re putting your headings into place, make sure that your title is an H1, followed by an H2, and then an H3 after that. You should only have one H1 heading per page. You can have have multiple H2 headings, but moving into an H3 if you have a list after the H2 heading will help the Google bots “read” your page better.

Have Enough Words On Your Page

Another way to increase your search engine optimization traffic is through using the appropriate amount of words on your webpage. If you’re looking to increase your website’s organic traffic, then you want to make sure that article pertains to that specific keyword.

To determine how many words you should have on a page, type the keyword into Google and then see what your competitors are doing and how long their pages are. For example, if you’re a company that is trying to rank for “seo cincinnati,” take the top five posts at the top of the Google search, and then put them together to average out how long your own post should be. On average, a post that would perform well for seo should be between 850 to 1000 words, but this can greatly vary. Figuring out how to properly optimize your page can be very complicated and it may be worth it to use an SEO agency such as Helium SEO.

Add Alt Text To Your Pictures

If you’re going to be placing pictures on your website or within a specific page that you’re trying to rank for a particular keyword, then you should be sure to use alt text on the pictures on the backend of your site.

No one will see this alt text but it can be helpful for Google’s crawlers to see it and it could help your page perform better for SEO. Be sure to make your alt text sounds natural within a sentence that truly describes the image.