How to hack your iphone speaker


The iphone speaker is okay for something so small, but it is not great. If you find yourself without a dock, or any kind of Bluetooth speaker, you could be stuck with the stock speaker. At a dinner party or gathering of any kind you are going to need to add a little bit of volume to this, so its useful if you know how to make anything your speaker.

Here are a few tips to crank the volume:

Place your phone into a ceramic cup

This trick is great for an immediate and small boost to the decibels your iPhone can produce, simply place your iphone speaker first into a ceramic cup or glass, the sound will reverberate and slightly increase in volume, the sound also becomes instantly a little clearer.

This may not be the most sophisticated speaker out there, and in fact the volume increase is not the greatest, but in a pinch this is a really useful trick to have up your sleave.

Using a paper towel roll and two plastic cups

This one takes a little more effort, but the results are worth it. Cut a little slit, about the size of your iPhone, into the paper towel, and sit the iphone securely, speaker down, into the slit. Then take two plastic cups, cut holes in them roughly the size of the end of the paper towel tube. Push the cardboard into the cups facing towards you.

Now, this is not going to win any awards for style, but the increase in volume and sound quality is unbelievable for such a make shift rig. This is really something you must try at least once.

Grab a BoomBox

Now this method may be counted as a cheat, but if you really want to make anything your speaker, you should go ahead and grab a BoomBox. Not the ghettoblaster of the 90’s, but a brand new vibrational speaker that plugs into your iphones headphone jack on one end, and on the other end has a vibrating “head” that sticks to any household object. The vibrations utilise the size and shape of the object, amplifying the sound many times and creating a genuine, booming speaker out of almost anything you can find lying around.

This is the perfect way to start a party with minimum effort required, and a very small investment.