How to Hire the Best Janitorial Company for Your Business


Cleaning your office may seem like one of those tedious tasks you never want to even think about. That’s why many people who do it themselves, rush through it, which ends up looking like quite a shoddy job. You have to make the cleanliness of your office a priority. Therefore, you need the help of a commercial cleaning company to take care of your janitorial services. Professional cleaning company employees have the skills and the equipment to deliver excellent work.

There are many cleaning companies in the market today and not all of them would be the best fit for you. Some of them shouldn’t even be in business. Thus, you must be careful when reviewing the various companies to pick the best one that fits your needs, budget and qualifications.

Following are some of the things you might consider before you sign that contract with a janitorial company:

How established is the company?

Statistics show that the longer the company has been in business, the more efficient and reliable they are. These are companies that have taken time to perfect their skill, whereas, a newer company might be more focused on onboarding as many clients as possible, as quick as possible, to increase their cash flow. Feel people out and look for a janitorial company that is focused more on customer satisfaction through quality services. A company that is established will also have vetted equipment that will ensure a higher quality in their cleaning results.

The company’s prices as compared to peers

In the service industry, it’s all about value for money. Always remember, you get what you pay for. Shop around for a relatively affordable company but be careful with ones that appear too cheap. The company’s rates should also not be exorbitantly high either.  However, most of the ineffective companies will bid very low just to make the sale, then upsell on individual services later. If they can’t justify their low prices, or provide reasoning for higher prices, then it’s best to look for a better service provider.

Check out their references

Any reliable company will have customer reviews online somewhere. Reviews can be extremely helpful, especially if you know of the company the person giving the review is representing.  A lack of reviews or references could mean that either the company is relatively new or maybe not doing any work quality that would warrant a great customer review. Check their testimonials page on their website as well as sites like Google My Business, RateABiz, or Facebook Reviews. Friends and relatives are another good source for referrals. Again, you need to contact a few clients they’ve been dealing with – they should have existing clients at your level of service and provide you with at least three client contacts info for a referral.

Check the training of their employees

Cleaning skill is not as intuitive as many people may think. Cleaners are professionals that require thorough training. Ask them to review their employees training standards. They must have the knowledge to balance efficiency and timely results. Most importantly, you need to confirm that they have safety training to minimize exposures and accidents. Their employees must be on continuous in-job training which keeps them updated on the ever-emerging safety issues.

They should be aware of ‘green’ cleaning as opposed to the harmful traditional cleaning.

The extra benefits

You’re hiring that janitorial company to keep your office safe, yes. However, it is not just the service you’re looking for- you have to find out what else they’re bringing on the table. What else can they help you do? Many janitorial companies provide other periodic on demand services such as pressure washing, commercial carpet cleaning, and strip and wax floor services, to name a few.

When choosing a janitorial company for your office, it is prudent that you do some good research and pick one not based on costs primarily but on the quality of their services. Find out the company’s experience in the business so that you’re assured of efficiency.