How to Improve Business Presentations to Win Promoters & Investors


Business needs finance. It comes from promoters. The promoters can give their support in the form of financial help, or allow new business to use their expertise for developing a new idea. To attract promoters and investors, the new business owner needs to share the vision in a clean and crisp manner. Preparing a presentation is one of the ways of sharing your vision. With the introduction of better quality tools, the presentation these days is made more relatable. Here are some of the elements that are being added to the presentation:

a.Explainer Videos

The very crisp and concise explainer videos are another way of making the presentation of the business idea more powerful. The videos can not only be presented in person, but can also be uploaded on social media tools to reach to both the offline and online audiences.

b.Story-telling and role play

 When you want to project your business as a solution for an existing problem, you need to tell how in detail. The solution may be easy to understand but it is easier to relate to it if it is explained through a storytelling. Make use of a character that can be a common man or a home seeker or a person in a certain situation and then weave a story around this central character. It makes presentation quite engaging and unique too.

The other way of explaining the concept is through role plays. Prospective users and their relationship with the offering can be presented in the form of an interactive role play. This helps understand the utility of product better.

c.VR and AR models

 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality models and tools are grappling the world of hospitality, tourism and real estate. The prospective buyer is given the actual feel of the space with the help of AR and VR concepts. These models are definitely way superior to printed brochures and can influence the decisions of the prospective buyers positively.

d.Animation films

 You can also have animation films built around the concept you want to introduce in the market. The use of special effects can also be considered if the budget allows and is the need of the product. Story, script-writing, dubbing etc. are some of the efforts that go into the making of animation films. But, the result is mind-boggling and certainly creates a good brand image to attract promoters.

e.3D models and prototypes

 If the product is to be produced in very large numbers, the promoters can be given 3D models and prototypes to get their views and support. These models and prototypes give fair idea of how the product is going to work in various conditions. In the process, the scope for improvement can also be found out.

So, when you have made up your mind to reach to the promoters and investors to generate support for your business idea, click here to find more about the presentation ideas mentioned above. These can be used individually or in combination to reach through different channels of communication.