How to Improve Your External Link Building Via Guest Posting


One of the things that caused panic in the blogging world in 2014 was Matt Cutts’ announcement that guest blogging was officially dead. Matt Cutts is a former employee of Google and used to head the Web Spam department. He said that you should stop using the whole guest blog post tactic as a way to gain links for your website.

It has been about five years since that doomsday announcement, and the pertinent question is whether there is still hope for guest blogging. Well, there is. Guest blogging is doing as well as ever. It is a lot of things; dead is not one of them.

Many bloggers still use guest blogging as one of their key strategies when it comes to building backlinks. What has died is low-quality guest blogging, where you spin articles and then post them on sites that seem to exist solely to showcase guest bloggers.

For those bloggers who post high-quality guest articles, guest blogging is still a viable method of building links. In fact, it often proves to be the most effective way to build backlinks.

If you take your time with guest blogging and perfect the art, then, over time, it can help you build up the authority of your domain to levels you might not have been able to reach with other link building methods.

Driving Traffic to Your Website with Guest Posts

Here’s a look at how using guest posts can drive better-quality traffic to your site.

Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

The very first step is to find guest blogging opportunities and never run out of them. One way you can do it is by using search operators on Google. These include search terms in the form of “[your_topic] “write for us” and other similar forms with variables like “guest article” or “guest post” and so on. You can then take your time to scrape the search results you get, get rid of duplicates, and then get SEO metrics for each of these and see what results you get.

Alternatively, you can save yourself a ton of work by using tools like Content Explorer to find web content in your niche. Such tools offer results in the form of different blogs that offer the kind of content you’re seeking.

Writing High-quality Guest Posts

When it comes to writing quality guest posts for different blogs, there are many techniques you can use to come up with many post ideas every week. Here are three tactics that always work.

  • For starters, you can try and filter your list of candidate blogs into those which are very popular on the one hand and those which are not very popular. You can then look for some of the best performing content on the more popular blogs and offer them as ideas to the lesser performing blogs. Many of these blogs will appreciate fresh ideas for great content.
  • You can also look at your best content ideas that make for very long posts. Let’s call them hero articles. You can splinter these hero articles into smaller chunks based on their sections or chapters. You can easily change each chapter into its own post and expound on it, thereby increasing your blog ideas.
  • ●       You can also take some of the ideas you have already written about before and change the perspective on them, even if only slightly, thereby changing the flavor of the kind of content you offer.

These are only some of the ideas you can use to take advantage of your content. It all boils down to creativity and how well you take what you already have and spin it in different ways.