How to improve your finances


Improve your finances:

The following are some tips for financial improvement.

1. You need to make good choices- some people make the investment mistake of paying high fees, choosing conservative portfolios and not regularly checking on the investments. These are a few financial mistakes that  people commonly commit  regarding the retirement accounts. In order to prevent any financial mistakes you have to rely on your company’s HRM department.

2. Save 1/4th of the monthly salary- you need to save at least a quarter of your income every month and every year until your retirement. By the time you retire you should have at least double the amount you are expected to retire with.  When you save a 1/4th of your  monthly income till you retire then you will be fully covered.

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3. Automatic money transfer- if you feel that transferring money from a savings account to your investment are time consuming and painful for you then you need to set up automated transfers. The Banks make the process easy for the customers and they offer rewards tool for the customers. For example some banks do not charge the service fees every month over few accounts when the customers have automated transfer set ups.

4. Credit cards can be your leverage- when you pay your bill on your credit cards every month, you can get benefits from spending, these rewards can be redeemed. Try to buy things from retailer specific gift cards that negotiated in advance with the card companies. This way you can improve your finances.

5. Find the right credit card for you- if your credit card is not providing you all your needs then it is time you found a new one. To get the best credit card you have to first check sites online that provide you info on the credit cards and that compares several credit cards. This comparison will help you benefit as you will be able to pick the right one that suits your needs. Keep one thing in mind while choosing a credit card, that it should have a low interest rate. Therefore compare all the credit cards online and pick the one with the lowest interest rate.

6. Bank upgrade- bank policies vary widely, they differ from offering above average interest rates on savings accounts to making it easy to budget online with extra tools. You have to keep your lifestyle in your mind and then choose the bank that matches your needs. If travelling is your thing then you will need a big bank with lots of ATMs wherever you go, national or international. If you are more concerned about saving a lot of money than you would have to be focused on the savings rates.

7. Demand more- customers are becoming more choosy these days, they are switching banks easily if they are not happy with something with their present customers. This means customers have more leverage with their banks. Hence, banks are in constant struggle to impress their customers and keep them retained.

Follow these simple tips to improve your finances.