How to Improve Your Website’s SEO Rankings


You’ve probably heard this saying a thousand times over: “The best place to hide a dead body is the second page of a google search.” In order words, as long as you’re not among the first set of websites potential clients see, you’re likely to be invisible.

Such a scenario would lead to your bottom line and profits taking a dip. That’s why you should always be on the lookout for strategies to keep your website relevant enough to rank high on search engines. Hiring an experienced SEO agency that can help ramp up your rankings is a great idea.

Here are five strategies to help your website rank high:

Publish Quality Content Regularly

All the SEO tricks in the world do not mean a thing if the content on your website is fluff and irrelevant. The first step to improving your SEO rankings is to create and publish quality content that creates value for your readers. This is what content marketing is all about.

Generally, search engines have an affinity for long-form posts. Posts from 2000 to 3000+ words generally perform better. If clients fall in love with and keep coming back to your website, search engines would reward you with higher rankings.

Additionally, the frequency of your posts is critical. Don’t post in fits and starts without any structure. Whether daily, three times a week or once a month, your posts should follow a system.

Access and Readability

There are things you should never do. One of them is making your website take forever to load – that’s a guaranteed turnaway of visitors. Improve your page load speed by optimizing images, reducing plugins and working on broken links. 

Your visitors are looking for an article or blog post to read, not a Ph.D. thesis. Write in simple language and make sure your headers, layout, and formatting are easy on the eye. If your visitors have to navigate several pages before making a purchase, you are bound to lose them.

Mobile-Friendly Sites

Black Android Smartphone

Make your website more mobile-friendly

If your website is not mobile-friendly, say goodbye to more than half of your potential clients. In this smartphone age, mobile phones have become the go-to channel for research. If your website appears or behaves funny on mobile phones, you’re sure to be discarded.

Since Google announced its algorithm change to rank mobile-friendly websites higher in 2015, there has been a surge in websites that are mobile-friendly. Here are some of the best examples of mobile website design that you can learn from.

Rich Multimedia

Customers generally listen with their eyes. To put it simply, the best way to reach your prospective clients is through visual and audiovisual materials.

Get a good web designer. The color, touch, and feel of your website needs to be endearing and should communicate your vision. Integrate images, short videos, and infographics seamlessly into your website. That way, your site becomes an adventure every visitor loves.

Keywords and Outbound Links

Your SEO ranking depends on the kind of keywords and anchor text you employ in your texts. This includes meta titles. As an inbound marketing strategy, keyword research is crucial for a high ranking. You can use options, including Google AdWords, to find the right keywords for your business posts. Outbound links provide a high chance of a good ranking. Such links should always be to sites with high Domain Authority (DA).

In a Sum

Your website is probably the single most important digital property your business has. Without it, your business is as good as dead. Having a website, however, is not enough. It must rank well on Google and other search engines. Listed above are tips that can help you improve your rankings.