How To Incorporate The Latest Technology In Hospitality Industry


Technology is changing how things are done, and the hospitality industry hasn’t been left behind. The industry has always been on the lookout for the latest technological trends that they can utilize to attract more guests and stay as comfortable and memorable. One of the best ways of doing so is to use the latest and trending technology-based strategies to make the stay comfortable in the hotel rooms.

However, these trends always change with time, and to beat your competitors and satisfy your guest’s expectations. You need to work with the best tech companies or experts. That’s why we have researched various ways you can incorporate the latest technology in a hotel room to improve customer service levels and attract more guests.

IoT In Hotel Rooms

The internet of things(IoT) is already spreading like a bushfire. The strategy can be utilized by hotels to ensure that guests get access to routine services without inconveniences. Many individuals use their mobile devices to control several homes’ activities right from switching on their TVs to locking up their doors.

The most important aspect of having connectivity within a hotel room is that it allows clients to have a better online access experience. Guests can easily have access to simple and complex services right in the comfort of their rooms.

It also creates an impression that your hotel services are in line with the cutting edge latest technological trends. This is an essential feature for the upcoming and modern facilities in the hospitality industry because many clients will evaluate a hotel based on the availability of reliable and reliable internet.

Having a good Wi-Fi connection in a hotel is a necessity nowadays. However, you must have a stable and reliable Wi-Fi connection. According to a recent survey, having free Wi-Fi in a hotel room is one essential factor that motivates travelers and guests to choose a particular hotel room for the stay.

However, if your hotel Wi-Fi is low, your clients have to struggle to access the internet, hence letting them turn away from the services. The best thing to do is to ensure that routers are installed in every room of your hotel. Also, consider creating a stable and separate internet access line for your guests. That should be different from what your workforce uses. In a nutshell, invest in a better and modern network system.

Use Of Mobile Devices As Room Keys

One of the biggest challenges that the hotel industry has faced for many years how to give access to strictly authorized clients to hotel rooms. Sometimes guest kay misplaces the keys, and this may bring confusion within the industry. Technology what brought about a strategy enables you to allow only authorized guests in the hotel rooms strictly. This is the use of mobile phones as keys.

Many popular hotel brands such as Hilton, already switch the use of this strategy for security reasons. Using a mobile device as keys have resolved many insecurity issues and inconveniences with rooms’ access.

It is also easy for guests to have confidence in the service because the system only allows their own mobile devices to access their rooms. There is no need to worry about physical keys that can get lost.

As we know, many people are always keen on keeping their mobile phones safe. It means the guests can enjoy their time without the inconveniences of picking and dropping their keys at the hotel’s front desk. Among the advantages of using this technology are that it offers convenience and security for clients. It also ensures that checks can be done quickly with no need to keep track of codes or key cards.

Remote Check-ins/ Check-outs

Suppose you want more convenience on your visitor’s check-in or out of your hotel room, consider using remote checking and checkouts. The technology is based on using a mobile device software that automatically allows guests to clock in to do work easier. Managers can use the data to predict their staffing requirements hence saving considerable labor expenses.

The technique can be set to signal the hotel staff whenever a guest arrives, making welcoming and preparation work much more manageable.

Even at the end of their stay, guests can easily self-checkout at the convenience of their rooms. They can also get a chance to plan and arrange for other services like transportation to their destination in time.

Smart Solutions

Home automation and smart solutions are some of the best innovative technology that has been adopted by the hotel industry.

There has been automation of temperature control systems, lighting, alarm, TVs, and radio systems. This has led to improved guest satisfaction while reducing unnecessary expenses. For the hospitality industry, this is a much cost-efficient solution compared to the traditional ways of doing things.

People have become more tech-savvy. Therefore, if hotels don’t embrace the latest innovative ideas to deliver quality services to their clients, they may lose many customers. Partnering with tech companies with hotel knowledge will provide these services via experienced and talented experts.


Robots may be a little bit out of reach by many industries. Many investors can’t afford to use Robots because it’s costly to have them. However, high-end hotel industries have been able to utilize robots in most of their activities. It is essential to pay attention to this innovation because it will surprise the world soon.

Automated companions are becoming popular in the hospitality industry. Many hotels have automated activities like food deliveries and having guests find their ways by robots. For instance, Savioke Relay Robot is designed to deliver snacks directly to the guest rooms. It can also entertain guests by making lovely tunes while doing the task. This is a great innovation in the hotel industry.

The only disadvantage of using robots for services is that they are costly. However, as this innovation continues to expand, the prices are slowly coming down. And we could have many affordable robots soon.

Text The Front Desk

The movement of guests from their rooms to the front desk every time they need assistance is one challenge that inconveniences the hospitality industry. Therefore, advanced technology enables hotels to stay relaxed in their rooms while sending simple text messages to the front desk through their smartphones.

The communication can be done when one wants to ask for extra towels or any other user. Some guests can also use this strategy to request for late checkouts or air any problems in their rooms. This service also makes it easy for those at the front desk since they don’t have to follow visitors around in case of anything. Instead, they can send messages to the guests to inform them of changes or any other special requests.

Thermostats And Smart Lightings

Several tech companies are now available to offer installation of smart lightings or thermostats in the hotel rooms. This technology allows visitors to regulate their room temperatures using their mobile devices. Also, one can use the innovation to dim the lights in the rooms remotely. It’s a perfect strategy that can be used by those planning a romantic getaway.

Another great tech-based strategy in the hotel room is a light sensor. Interestingly, the sensor turns the lights on whenever a guest enters the room and turns off when he/she leaves.

While your hotel may be modern and tech-savvy, it is vital that whichever technology you utilize is safe for both your guests and employees. Hospitality industries need to focus on satisfying the expectations of their guests. The best way to achieve this goal is to embrace advanced technologies like IoT and AI-based software.