How to increase website traffic?


The question “How to increase web traffic” is unlikely to get short and neat answer as there are tons of ways how to do it. Actually, anyone can do it. That is why we have decided to prepare a cheat note to have best practices at hand at any moment you may need it. Of course, we might have omitted something, but it will be one of the most useful articles you have ever read, anyway.

Strategy #1. Write posts about a certain topic and not around keywords

We mean that the accent should be about the posts you make. All of them should be focused on one topic and you can further add links from one post to another. You will have reputation of an expert in the field and, at the same time, work on cluster model that is very good for search systems.

Strategy #2. Interview your customer

Main focus of such negotiations is not about how to make this job, but to hear your client’s needs. Understanding of “what” will help you to resolve “how”.

Strategy #3. Invite experts

You are certainly not alone in the town who has a good understanding of a certain topic. Invite somebody else to share the opinion and people will come after the name.

Strategy #4. Share your opinions on somebody’s resource

This model is not free, but it will help to work on your brand awareness.

Strategy #5. Post you material on the websites or blogs from the area

Spend some time for investigation to find top-10 of the most readable blogs and contact them to discuss partnership. If the topic you discuss, the same as the way you discuss are interesting – you will attract audience to your website, too.

Strategy #6. Old good PR is also very useful.

Offline channels are quite good for it, publishing in the newspaper because you are an interesting figure and not because you have paid for it.

Strategy #7. Answer people’s online questions

When people fail to find their answers by googling they come to specially designed websites like Quora and real experts’ advice is really a good thing.

Strategy #8. Get accounts in social media

It is free and works extremely well to contact your audience in informal surroundings. The point is that people are unlikely to search you there if your competitors have done it beforehand.

Strategy #9. Employ native advertising or RTB Advertising

Power of this ads type is that they have natural look of the website they are posted in it. Key requirement here is to offer useful and interesting information. is Advertising Platform for Mobile Publishers & App Developers

Strategy #10. Study where your audience is located in social media

If you are famous for visual products, Pinterest or Instagram will suit you more. Account creation just to be for it is time consuming  and unlikely to bring you big profit, but sorrows.

Strategy #11. Choose your words

Spend some time to find out which words give you more money. Your list should be growing, while you are making tests and cut the words bringing no money.

Strategy #12. Use your competitors strategy

Analyze who is also in the same niche as you are, analyze their campaigns and if it is more effective  than your one – use their tactics.

Your website is a destination point while all the methods we discussed are roads. It is only up to you which one to choose, but the more you have them, the more options for your customers to find you.