How to increase your sales with sales order software


If you are a consumer goods brand or wholesaler, it’s likely you are always dreaming up ways to help you increase your sales. There are many ways to grow your business but one of the most straightforward is to improve and streamline your sales process, and the easiest way to do that is with sales order software.

The new B2B buyer is young and technologically savvy, and they want to deal with a modern forward-looking business. Using manual processes has many disadvantages, one of which is making you look very old-fashioned. Conversely, using mobile devices in a B2B environment is seen as progressive, modern and cutting edge. It can also increase your sales. Let’s look at how.

Make trade promotions work for you

Cross-selling and upselling have proven themselves to be excellent sales enhancers for retailers. But they can also work for B2B companies. Up until recently it was just too complicated to implement, because B2B companies need to communicate many promotions to multiple sales reps in the field. Sales order software that includes the capability of communicating promotions directly via the app and presenting them automatically at the time of ordering in the field instantly solves both these problems.

It can be great enticing a customer to purchase more expensive versions or additional products than they intended to buy, improving customer relationships and cementing their loyalty. And, ultimately, keeping your customers satisfied is the best way to hold on to them.

Simplify your sales process

It can be extremely cumbersome tracking leads to conversions when you are doing it manually. How can you measure success rates or identify and address bottlenecks? In most sales processes, if you have five steps or more to convert a qualified lead, that’s one step too many. The sales funnel gets more muddled with each extra step. It also gets more complicated to monitor new opportunities. The CRM function of sales order software can simplify the whole process, making it easier to track leads and prioritize opportunities maximizing your sales potential.

Improve customer relationships

According to McKinsey, only 15 % of B2B companies feel they have a complete view of their customers. But a good working relationship with your customers is based on understanding their individual needs.  If they feel special and looked after, it’s more likely they will trust you and buy more from you over a long period of time. These days it’s more and more important to have access to customer information 24/7.

Mobile sales order software provides immediate access to all sales and customer data from one central interface. Every customer interaction is automatically recorded and instantly accessible. Sales and support staff will know every detail about your customer, so they can provide a truly personalized experience based on their individual purchase history and requirements.

To conclude

Modern B2B companies that use digitalized solutions have more control over their spend and can direct their resources toward the highest-value opportunities. Automated sales software helps you to be more finely tuned to your customers and therefore to your financial success.