How to kickstart your YouTube channel?


Video marketing has evolved more than any other marketing strategy in the past two years. Even though Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are great places to invest, YouTube still remains a giant space and access to the right audience. Billions of people spend hours watching videos on this platform. Funnily, YouTube is now called the second largest search engine!

If you’re planning to grow or start a YouTube channel, there are some basics you’d know already. Here, we’re going to give you tips on how to enhance working on those basics and steps you can’t miss out on.

Tips to grow your YouTube channel

Most people tend to make a YouTube channel and upload relevant videos like it’s just another social platform. But people who follow the right steps and are consistent can only make it big. Check out the steps you must consider when trying to grow your YouTube channel:

  1. Build videos around single topic/keyword

You might already know this step, but you need to know why it is important. Many beginners at YouTube are unaware of using SEO unlike content writers do. As much as articles and blogs need keywords, your videos also need the right kind of content to reach out to people.

You can use keyword tools that are meant specifically for YouTube to find out what is most relevant to the topic to make a video about. You need to know your keyword before creating the content as it helps you create the best information around that topic.

Once you choose a keyword to find out the current trending videos with the same phrase. It will help you analyze if you’re on the right track. You need to optimize your descriptions and titles to make them easily accessible.

  1. Focus on a theme every month

When you focus on one theme every month, you can organize a way to plan out the content. It also makes it easier for you to convince your viewers to subscribe for a month – most of them follow you even after that as they like your content.

The process helps you maintain the relevancy of your YouTube channel and lets you talk more about your niche. For example, if a tech-expert starts reviewing a beauty product on YouTube, he might just lose subscribers. Even if you decide to do something different on your niche, it needs to have some relevancy. Your subscribers expect for a kind of content from you and not delivering that might mean losing viewers over time.

  1. Check YouTube analytics

You need to be aware of the most subscribed YouTubers, especially the ones who add content related to your niche. Noxinfluencer is an amazing tool to figure out YouTube stats and help you move in the right direction. It keeps a track of your performance, channel value, and helps you know national and international rankings.

Noxinfluencer gives you access to a Youtube Channel Calculator that shows how much money YouTubers make. It compares that with your channel and gives you a probability of how much you can make. You figure out your possible monthly earning and ways to make it grow.

The tool can help you keep a track of your and your competitor’s subscribers. It gives you a detailed report of how your channel is performing, in terms of likes, comments, ratio, cost, and more.

You need this tool because it saves the time you’d take to analyze your YouTube stats manually. With Noxinfluencer, you’re just a few clicks away to know how well your channel is doing and can invest more time in making it grow.

  1. Don’t use one-word tags

Tags are confusing in YouTube but they can literally change your ranking if you have just begun your YouTube journey. The platform doesn’t rank videos only based on subscribers or views. Thus, you need to know the right tags to use to bring in more traffic and add subscribers.

  1. Use social media

Even though Facebook has stopped streaming YouTube videos on their platform, you can still draw in clicks. People can simply click through to the link your promote on your platform and increase views.

Social media helps boost your place in the YouTube Algorithm because it favors outside traffic. You must always share your videos on social media, irrespective of how many clicks it garners. Initially, it will be less, but it will still improve the quality and rank of your channel.

  1. Create click-worthy thumbnails

Clickbait is a common YouTube problem as most people want quick growth and maximum views. The thing is, Clickbait is quite tricky and you should avoid your interaction with it. You can get clicks while not having to resort to Clickbait. Create click-worthy thumbnails to make the most of good design, photography, content, and image that pushes people to take interest to know more about you and what you’d upload next.

Final thoughts

These are some of the many aspects you need to consider when trying to grow your YouTube channel. Acknowledge these to make your way up high and earn a lot more with time!