How to Launch Your Own Product Line


Launching your own product line or starting an e-commerce business is a lot easier than ever before. However, it still requires a lot of effort and the right moves. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to launch your own product line.

Do your research

Researching before choosing your product line is vital. You have to know what product that fits your brand or affinities is currently in demand. By doing the correct research, you will be able to project your potential customer base. For instance, if you have a background working with barbecue sauces, choose a product line that fits your skills. At the same time, try to find out which tastes are currently the most popular within your target audience. Hence, two things are essential – your background and skills, and current customer needs.

Creating and labeling

Once you finish your research, it is time to start creating your products. You should include a few different varieties, in the beginning, to see which one works out the best. Design is one of the most crucial things in the whole creation process. That is how you can separate your new product line from your competitors. Hire an expert or find a design agency and order professional custom stickers and labels. Such a move will boost your product line and impact your brand recognition. If you have any dilemmas regarding the design, don’t hesitate to talk to your colleagues and friends, or even seek professional advice.


Before launching your brand new products on your website, you have to make at least two photos of each product. For instance, if your new line has ten different products with different designs, colors, etc., you have to take 20-30 pictures or even more. That’s the only way to see how many people engage with each photo, and also, which one they like the most. Also, you will realize if you have to change the colors on a few products, or if customers prefer one design over another. In other words, having multiple photos is useful for testing, but also for a more in-depth understanding of your customer base.

Create a website or use platforms

Building an e-commerce business is nowadays more accessible than ever. There are various solutions you can choose where you can be ready to sell in a few hours. A full website is always a good idea but you need more money for that. If you have a limited budget, you can create a storefront at a very low cost. You can list your products on Etsy or Amazon and test different ideas. Once you start gaining profit from sales, you can start thinking about creating a website. Therefore, your own website is always a better idea, but don’t rush it if you have a limited budget.

Work on SEO

SEO is essential for your positioning and the recognition of your new product line. However, it can vary depending on which platform you use. What works on Etsy might not work well on Amazon or your own website. Whatever option you choose, you have to describe what you sell and do thorough keyword research precisely. People can come to your website from many different searches, and you have to know what the best keyword for your business niche is.

Write descriptions

Descriptions have to be done in the right way. All the details about your products must be transparent, so every customer knows exactly what your product is about. You have to think about every small thing – preferences, size, color, weight, etc. Also, every description should have those valuable internal links. That will help the customer find similar products which they might like more than the first one they found. Finally, every description has to answer all the potential customer’s questions. For instance, if you sell chocolates, the customer has to understand if it has more or less cocoa or hazelnuts, or if there is any special ingredient they might like. Also, if any ingredient can influence allergic reactions, you have to mention it.

As you can see, launching your own product line nowadays isn’t that hard. You have multiple platform options which all fit different needs and requirements. Choose the product you have previous experience with and follow these steps.