How to Maintain Productivity in A Work From Home Setup

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The burden of traveling from our homes to the office is now resolved during this pandemic. Now, a lot of workers are working in the comfort of their homes and still delivers an excellent service to their employers. But we can’t deny the fact that workers can sometimes feel exhausted or drained from their jobs.

Here are some tips on how to maintain productivity while working at home.

Don’t start your day with an empty stomach

Eat something or start your day with a coffee. Starting your day with an empty stomach will easily irritate you while working and disrupt you when you are in the middle of something. This will cause you to not work comfortably. 

Start working with a clean and organize table

According to a study, having a neat working space will stimulate your brain to work faster and efficiently. You will work quickly when your things are organized and easy to pick them up once you need them. Looking for something that you can not find will only consume your time and forget the things that you needed to accomplish. 

Set your goals for the day

Others have their goals written on their board, others also listed them on sticky notes. It is best to write down your goals for the day to keep them on track or reminded of the task to accomplish.

Put your safety first

Always be cautious of your own safety even if you are inside your house. Be mindful of anything that causes fires or electrical shock like your electrical cords. Being mindful of your health also affects your productivity on your own.

Always maintain a 5-minute break

If you are always facing your computer, rest your eyes to prevent eye strain. Also, stretch those fingers, arms, legs, and neck especially if you are doing the shrimp position when facing the computer. Maintain proper position to avoid muscle strain as well. When having a break go to your window or anywhere that there’s a view. Look outside and focus on your breathing this way it will also help you face complexity and pressure with a calmer attitude.

Drink plenty of water

Drinking water has many benefits for your body. It improves your memory and your mood, it also reduces headaches and migraines. This way you will be able to perform well on your given task.

Have enough light in your workspace

Good lighting in your workspace improves your productivity and promotes better concentration in your work. Enough light also creates an active and cheerful environment for better visibility, improved accuracy, and increased work speed.

Free your office from disturbance

For you to focus and concentrate on your task it is best to set a time for your family and time for your work. This way you can focus on your task and work productively. You can add that “Don’t Disturbing” sign on your door to give you space without interruption. 

Fix your table after working

After working, always fix your table for you to be able to start your next day with a clean and organized setup. Everything has always home so you have to make sure you put things where they belong.