How to Make a Name for Yourself on Instagram? Basis of Quick Promotion


Do you want your photos to be commented on and your posts to be liked thousands of times? Do you want them to be reposted and shared in Direct? If the answers are “Yes,” you are quite ambitious but do not know where to start. This article will give the grounding in an Instagram promotion. Moreover, I will tell you some apparent methods that few people use like an Instagram bot, tags generator, and secrets of tagging, etc. Do not miss the chance, read till the end.

For an appetizer – content plan

To create a content plan, you need to know what people you want to attract – your Target audience. Once you narrow down it, answer the following questions:

  • What value will your content carry for a follower? There are three core values ​​that the user is looking for scrolling the feed – entertainment, new knowledge, and inspiration.
  • What is the task your content carry out? For example, introduces a company or product, increases customer loyalty, sells a product.
  • What do your competitors publish? How are your content strategies similar and different?

Remember that It’s vital for promotion on Instagram how often you publish and at what time you do that. It’s better to post once or twice per day and at a time that is suitable for your TA (not necessarily when you have free time.)

Well, as soon as you answer all the questions, you can choose the right direction and make up a perfect content plan. The next step is the attraction of Instagrammers.

For the main course – gaining followers

It’s time to build up the community of your loyal supporters. Look at how you can do that!

1) Hashtags, tags and geotags

All kinds of tags are the fastest and easiest way to attract new followers to your gorgeous profile.

A hashtag is a tool thanks to which all users can find a post on a particular topic. That’s why it’s so essential to use only proper hashtags. One more rule, it’s better not to use the same tags every time, it makes not a positive impression on your audience. There is one trick: use hashtags generator to find the best hashtags. Such a tool can make up lists of relevant hashtags by photos, keywords, and URLs.

As for the geotags, with their help, potential customers can not only learn about the location of the store, tattoo studio, coffee shop, rental center, museum or any other business object but also get timely information about promotions, discounts, bonus programs. Geotagging lead to awareness rise and to the increase of the audience.

If you are an average person and do not run any business, tag more. It means if you visited some cafes, shops, if you took a photo where you are wearing Gucci, tag the company, shop, cafe. Brands usually track such post and repost them to their profiles. Taking into account the numbers of their followers, you will get new followers instantly. Moreover, some companies offer discounts for tagging a brand on Instagram.

2) Stories and live broadcasts

Stories and live broadcast are viewed by an enormous amount of people. They are short-life, therefore, estimated more. Post them more, show your daily life on Stories, tell some news, be sincere and you will see the response. And you start an open conversation with your followers broadcasting live.

Video content presents the present and future of the whole concept of promotion.

3) Automation tools

Automation tools or Instagram bots serve not only the enlarging your Instagram community but enhancing its engagement and driving sales. They make it possible thanks to:

  • Automated liking, following, Stories viewing. What is the best way to “seduce” new users to visit your page and to follow it? Of course, by liking, following it, and watching their Stories. The Instagram bot will help you, and you don’t need to work your brain out doing that on your own. Thanks to precise targeting, the bot will interact only with your TA, so there is no need to worry about the quality of new supporters.
  • Automated commenting and messaging. You did it, you got your followers, now you need to persuade them to stay with you for long. Involve them in the dialog by sending them DMs and leaving comments. If correctly applied, it will increase the ER of your audience significantly.

4) Shoutout

Shoutout for shoutout or SFS is one of the free ways to promote accounts. A classic SFS case on Instagram: the user announces the start of the campaign using the hashtag #sfs, you publish his/her post in your profile and tag, then write some sweet stuff about him/her in the caption, in response, he/she writes a story about you. Simple but effective.

5) Giveaways

The essence of this method is the following: you buy your users and attract new follower, promising valuable gifts. You need to start advertising it a few days before. Create unique hashtags for that.

Even if those who start following you just because of the giveaway do not get their prize, there is a high probability that they will stay with you till the next one and so on.

6) Embedded posts

Integrate your IG content to your other social media accounts to draw traffic to your Instagram account. Such an interlinking will increase your audience if not rapidly but significantly.

For dessert- statistics

No PR campaign can do without tracking results. You can find all the information within Instagram Insights or within the section of Stats of your automation tool. What indexes do you need to monitor? Number of likes, Stories views, number of follows and unfollows, comments, posts shares, number of visits. Start analyzing the numbers, measure the engagement rate and loyalty of your followers. Only then you will understand whether your strategy as effective as you planned it.

Briefly, making a name for yourself on Instagram takes mother wit and all the knowledge you get from my article. Use hashtags, get rid of the routine work with IG bot, held giveaways, and track statistics. I hope we all will know your name soon, good luck!