How to Make Checking Out Easier For Users Who Ship From Their Mobile Devices


The checkout process can be either a positive experience for your customers or one they come to dread. If you’re suffering from the latter, you’ll want to take swift action to fix your mobile checkout process in order to keep your customers and attract new ones. With around 79% of mobile users purchasing products through their devices, mobile checkout expediency and reliability is more important than ever.

Here, we’ll cover how to make the checkout process easier for those mobile users who purchase through their devices. We’ll cover everything from app/website optimization to using the right software for payment processing and beyond.

Optimizing Your Site/Creating An App

Most successful retail operations have their own mobile app at this point. It’s simply easier to facilitate the shopping and checkout process through an app vs. through a mobile-optimized website. That being said, not every business can afford to develop an app, and so must use a website.

If that’s the case for your business, ensuring your site is optimized for mobile devices is absolutely critical. A website that isn’t optimized for mobile is subject to slower-than-usual loading times, frequent crashes, and elements that simply don’t load. Not to mention, you’ll end up with a site that doesn’t fit within the pixels of a mobile device, so your users are constantly having to zoom in and out and tap incredibly small links/buttons.

Using POS Software

Checkout is made even simpler when you use a POS system to facilitate it. Not only does your POS software provide an easy-to-use interface for customers, but it also accepts various payment methods, decreases checkout times, and provides an all-in-one business management tool for your organization.

Each operating system has system-specific POS software, but there are also options that work on any platform. These cloud or web-based POS systems are much more versatile and allow you to use your POS on any mobile device.

The best POS software for Android users and iOS users offer essentially the same tools and features, but their proprietary nature makes them more restrictive to use. If you drop your expensive iPad, you’ll have to buy another Apple device to be able to use your iOS POS software.

Using a POS system will ensure that all of your inventory and payment information is correctly synced across online and offline platforms in real-time. If you’re running a physical store, website, and app, you can use your POS software for all three; making it ten times easier to track and manage your data and inventory.

Why Checkout Matters

Why should you focus on making the checkout process quicker and easier for your customers? It’s simple; faster and more efficient checkouts makes for better customer service. No one wants to wait five minutes for a checkout screen to load or a payment to process. If your online checkout process is clunky and slow, you’re improving the chances of that customer going elsewhere for their purchase.

You should always be further optimizing your site (or app) with updates that make it function better or faster. Remember not to get too caught up on aesthetics. Yes, your site should look good, and yes, customers will notice if it doesn’t, but if your graphics don’t even load, they’re pointless.

The Future of Checkout

Mobile checkouts continue to evolve as new payment methods and optimizations are introduced. So, what does the future look like? There’s a general assumption that much of the world’s shopping will move online at some point. There are far too many benefits to online shopping for both the customer and the business. Among them are convenience, cheaper prices, lower overhead, and greater profit margins.

That being said, we can expect payment processing software to continue to change as well, becoming faster, more detail-oriented, and accurate. The advancement of AI technology will certainly leave its mark on the world of payment processing, but it’s still unclear what the extent of that change will be.

Businesses should focus on making their mobile checkout processes as pain-free as possible because as things change, this will become a serious point of competition among retailers and other businesses. The faster and more efficient you are, the greater your customers will appreciate your app/website and want to use it.


Using POS software to increase your checkout efficiency is not only an affordable way to improve your customer service but also a way to improve your overall business function and organization. POS software is incredibly advanced and intuitive, making it easy to learn and teach to others. Your customers will notice a difference when you optimize your site or app and integrate it with a modern POS system.