How to Make Money Flipping Books?

Textbooks sit on a shelf at the Chegg Inc. warehouse in Shepherdsville, Kentucky, U.S., on Thursday, April 29, 2010. No more $120 chemistry books. That's the message from textbook-rental service Chegg Inc., which is urging college students to stop paying top dollar to buy their tomes. Photographer: John Sommers II/Bloomberg via Getty Images

If you’re searching for ways to make extra money, then flipping books is a great option to consider. And the best part about flipping books is that you can start with a few bucks! 

If you have access to thrift stores, yard sales, antique stores, or even Facebook Marketplace, you search for books for low prices. This guide will show you the tips, insights, and relevant points to keep in mind when you start flipping books for money. 

How Much Time Required For Flipping Books? 

The amount of time it takes for flipping books depends on how effective your process is, including the amount of time on your hands. An experienced bookseller with all the right software can use about two hours to search through books each day. 

We’re not referring to just random yard sales. You can find good books in various places, including the internet. What will take most of your time will be the research and searching for books. 

However, as you get used to it, you’ll know what to search for. You’ll also spend time listing books, shipping, or creating an online marketplace to sell your secondhand books. Sometimes, it helps sell your books on recognized bookselling sites such as, Amazon, eBay. Etc. 

After setting up the online marketplace, you can use the platform and extend it to flipping furniture, clothing, etc. However, it’s ideal for focusing on one area and building your foundation before moving on to other projects. 

How To Select Books To Resell 

Searching for the right books is probably the most crucial factor in flipping books for profit. If you insert the word “book” on eBay, you’ll get thousands of search results ranging from video game manuals to novels. 

But here are the books you should look out for: 


One of the best and popular book flip options are textbooks. That’s because college students are always and will always need textbooks every year at affordable prices. Plus, students study the same courses with the same book recommendations almost all the time. 

The textbooks can help you buy low from students graduating and sell high to incoming students. Also, with more than 19 million getting into colleges every year, selling textbooks is a good idea since you’ll be doing that for a very long time. 

Below are some of the best places to sell textbooks: 

First Edition And Rare Books 

First edition books are another excellent option to choose from. That’s because they have the potential of bringing you higher profits than textbooks. And the reason for that is because of the low supply. 

However, keep in mind that not every first edition book can get you high prices. That’s why you need to do your research before buying such books. 

You can find first edition books by looking at the copyright date or look for the words ‘first edition.” However, hardback and paperback editions can have different “first edition” dates, so be aware of that. 

Another book in low supply is rare books, which also increases their demand. Again, you have to ensure that these books are in good condition to make a profit. If your book is in bad condition, it can cost you thousands of dollars. 

You can search for rare books on websites such as Other places include: 

  • eBay 
  • Amazon 
  • Abebooks 
  • Local used bookshops 
  • Open online stores

What Types Of Flipping Books Are Best To Consider 

  • Educational books like textbooks. To be efficient and make regular decent profits, you may want to pay much attention to textbooks. That’s because textbooks sell at a higher price than other books, and they’re always in need. 
  • Arts and crafts books. You can sell arts and craft books as well to generate income. 
  • Non-fiction books. Non-fiction books such as step-by-step guides, biographies, travel guides, history books, etc., can also sell. 

Top Places To Find Books For Flipping

It’s not a good idea to visit a bookstore and buy books in bulk in hopes to flip them. It won’t work. It will help if you put in more effort to get cheap books and resell them for higher prices. 

Here are some places to consider: 

Thrift Stores 

You can find numerous things there, including books. You won’t always get books that are worth flipping. But you can find some hidden gems that can fetch you a high income. So do a thorough search, and you’ll find some books that are worth it. 

Garage Sales 

You can spend some weekend morning visiting garage sales in your neighborhood. Most people want to get rid of old stuff and may not realize how much some of the books they have are worth. You may never know what you can find at garage sales. 

Antique Stores 

Antique stores are pretty similar to thrift stores. You can find good deals even though they don’t always sell extremely cheap books there. But you can find some that can fetch you a high income. 

Final Thoughts 

You can always ask your friends, family, and neighbors if they have books they don’t need. You may get them for free or pay a few bucks. You may get some books that are worth it. You can also search online to bring books to sell. And always make use of bookselling sites to sell textbooks.