How to make money online?


Are you in need for extra cash? Do you need to supplement your income, to improve your savings or repay your debt? All of this is now possible at the comfort of your home and all you need is a computer with internet.

Here are some real ways for you to make money online

1. Writing articles

If you have a talent for writing articles, have good communication skills and command over the language then you can write articles online and earn money. Websites like demand studios, iwrtier, ehow etc hire freelancers to work on many projects and they pay you $4-$10 per articles based on the number of words.

2. Web designing

Are you interested in graphics creation and website building? Then you must choose Elance or oDesk, the two of the most popular platforms that provide opportunities for freelnace web designers. These sites help designers meet developers that need web designing for their companies. Companies that need these services list jobs on these sites and freelancers have to bid for them. Freelancers have to create and interesting profile, list their experience in the field and name a price. If you are selected then you have to pay a small commission to Elance or oDesk.

3. Blog

If writing is your forte and you have something interesting to tell others then blogging is what you must consider. Blogging can be fun and profitable. Register for free on popular blogging platforms like blogger and wordpress, once you are registered you can monetize your blog with Google Adsense, which will post ads on your blog and earn revenue through pay per click basis.

There are over 100 millions Blogs and only few percent are making money, if you are interested in making money through Blogging then go for Blogging with John chow, Who makes over $40000 per month

4. Share your opinion

You can earn money easily from your home by just answering a few questions. Register on legit sites like “My Survey” and answer a few questions you will be asked about a product or service and you will get paid for your time and opinion. Some sites pay you between $3-$5 for a completed survey. Some sites offer points instead of cash and when the points accumulate they can be redeemed for gift coupons and vouchers.

5. Web search

Have you ever imagined you can earn money through web surfing? There are many human powered search engines that pay for searching through their site. So earn money surfing the net through those sites instead of always searching using Google or Yahoo. However, some of these sites are scam, so research before use. When you find a legit site register and create a profile and start using them as a search engine to surf web. When you do so you will get points that are redeemable for cash or merchandise. One such example is “Swag bucks” through which you can earn money by installing their toolbar on your computer and take pools and surveys daily.

6. Online Task

Some online sites pay you for completing short tasks like searching the web for certain products, answering questions, giving opinions etc about a product or service, “Mechanical turk” is one example where you can complete various tasks and get paid ranging from few cents to a few dollars. Online tasks have a time limit and it takes some time to accumulate points to redeem them.

7. Expert advice

If you are an expert at something then you must use your skills to earn money. If you have knowledge in fields like medicine, law, technology, home improvement then a question and answer site and get paid for providing your advice. Some of the best sites where you get paid for providing your advice is the “Just Answer” and “Web Answers”. The amount of money you earn from this depends on the number of questions you answer and how many answers are accepted by the customers.