How to make work more fun in any contact center using a gamification software solution


Contact center agents very often experience burnout and their performance collapse due to the heavy workload and the pressure. No matter how hard one tries to perform their best, it becomes quite a challenge.

To help contact center agents thrive at work, there is a fun way to achieve it, and everyone loves to have fun, right?

You’ve probably heard about gamification, the process of using game elements, and implementing them in the work environment to engage, motivate, and improve the performance of your employees.

In this post, we bring you top ways on how to use fun at work and make your agents happy, full of energy and motivation, using contact center gamification solutions.

Learning competition

Most people love to compete and win a prize. In contact centers, agents frequently need to learn new things, and attend training that will help them improve their performance. When conducting learning and training programs, you can use gamification.

You can create a prize system based on their results and progress. The fastest learner may get an extra day off, or any other prize you find suitable for your employees (here, to create the best prize system, you need to know your agents and what motivates them).

Make your agents experts at what they do

In order to help your agents grow into experts, you must help them learn the key skills. This can be done through training or learning modules, but another way to achieve it is through challenges, and the person with the highest score gets rewarded. This contest can be held like a tournament; the best performers can advance even more, as the contest continues.

Daily competitions

For each day, you can create contests to achieve one KPI you want to improve.

Choose one for each day, and at the end of the week, if all agents have performed best they can, you can throw a surprise party or reward them in a way all of them would be excited about: extended lunches, preferential scheduling, public recognition, additional vacation time, game/movie tickets, and others.

This will not only help them improve their own performance, but it will also strengthen their bond as a team.

Leave-work-earlier reward

At the end of the week, when all agents feel exhausted, you can help them make it through the day by creating a competition. The agent with the highest percentage of satisfied customers, can leave work earlier that day. This will boost their morale, and help them stay efficient and effective.