The Internet of Things is growing at an enormous rate and the worldwide number of devices per person is getting bigger and bigger. Therefore, a smart telecom provider must move from the viewpoint of just providing internet access with an added device to offering a comprehensive and interconnected service.

The vast multitude of devices connected to the Internet

Operating on the hypothesis that the clients will want to use even more devices in the future and that the company needs a nuanced offer tailored to this sort of clients to triumph on the market, the most basic requirement of systems used by telecom providers is the ability to support many and varied devices.

It is no longer enough to sell a generic product and expect the brand itself to make a difference – the service demanded by modern customers must be of the highest level, better and different than anything else offered on the market. The difficulty is that most administrative systems would not be up to the task of supporting revolutionary products – for example, internet subscription with different transfer limits for each attached device, all monitored from pre-installed application and containing a multitude of useful options and promotions. Add to this the difficulty of integrating the data from various partners involved in the management of specific clients – the difficulty of monitoring of such a situation would be beyond what a standard system can provide.

The idea behind IoT solutions

The whole idea is quite simple and elegant in theory – one system that will manage all customers, partners, IoT device inventory, billing, all possible products and allow for in-depth analysis of everything that is happening. In practice this would be incredibly difficult and costly to achieve, with multiple points of error and a lengthy integration period – fortunately for all telecom providers, there are no such issues in the case of Comarch IoT Connect.

Thanks to Comarch, one of the world’s leading technology providers, gaining all these benefits will be easier than ever. Comarch IoT Connect was designed to smoothly integrate with all possible systems and is an end-to-end IoT solution that can help a telecom provider upgrade his services to the highest level.

The benefits of an integrated analysis

While the whole innovative-products-enabling aspect cannot be discounted, it is important to consider the advantages of having a whole suite of analytical tools directly implemented as part of the system. This feature allows for easy creation of all sorts of reports that will highlight key areas and help detect business opportunities and future trends.

Currently, the world is firmly in the Information Age, which means that the more information a company has, the easier it will be to achieve economic success. It is only thanks to comprehensive and deep insights into consumer needs and wants that it is possible to create products that will conquer the market. One efficient system will make all the difference for the future of Your company!