How to Manage Your Education While Working Full-Time


Being a student is not an easy task, but it’s certainly a worthwhile one, helping you to develop yourself professionally and reach your goals. However, not everyone can afford to put their work life on hold in order to pursue a degree. While in school, there are still bills to be paid and deadlines to be met. So, how can one manage their education while working a full-time job?

Here are some tips that can help you to balance your education with your professional career:

#1: Take Online Classes

Pursuing your education and degree isn’t always something that needs to be done in a classroom environment. Online classes are becoming more and more common and, nowadays, many universities offer online classes to their students. While you may not be able to earn your degree taking all online classes (this depends on your specific university), and you might need to take a night class here and there, you can utilize online classes to help you earn your degree while still working a full-time job – even one with the typical 9-5 schedule!

#2: Work Smarter, Not Harder

Find the ways to study and get your work done that are most efficient for you and that work best with your daily schedule. Do you work best in the mornings? Then why not wake up a couple of hours before you have to leave for work to get a head start on your day and take advantage of your most productive hours? To contrast, if you are a night owl, then consider staying up later after you get off work to get ahead on your assignments.

You should also try to work in the way that serves you best – are you a visual learner? Try flash cards? Do you do better reading from a textbook? While listening to music? Experiment until you find what works for you best and stick with it! Find the most efficient way for you to balance your studying and writing  research paper after research paper with your work schedule, and eventually that degree will be yours!

#3: Plan Ahead

Those deadlines will sneak up on you if you’re not careful, and between getting your education and working a full-time job, you won’t have as much time to dedicate to your schoolwork as your fellow classmates and peers. An assignment that your classmate might be able to start the night before might be one that you have to begin work on a week in advance. To get the most success out of your time, plan windows that you can set aside just to work on your schoolwork and get your projects and assignments done. This time will become a great way for you to get caught up on assignments, and maybe even get ahead of the game.

If you can, try to always stay one step ahead in your course schedule. If you have things done ahead of time, then you have some wiggle room for if a big project comes up in the office and you need to stay late. Keep in mind that while things might work out in theory, in the real world, last minute things come up and it’s good to leave yourself some wiggle room whenever you can.

#4: Be Diligent and Determined

No matter how many tips you use to try and make getting through your education while balancing a full-time job won’t be easy. It might force you to compromise your social life and not have as much free time or time spent doing the things that you like – but in the end, when you are rewarded with your degree, you will realize that it was all worthwhile!

As you go through your journey towards your degree, remind yourself every step of the way why you are doing this and why it is worth it to you. By being diligent and determined, you will be sure to reach the finish line – your graduation and your degree!