How to Manage Your Investments during a Pandemic


The coronavirus pandemic has been putting a lot of strain on many sectors. The health sector is overwhelmed with the number of positive cases coming in each day. The insurance sector has been managing the coronavirus claims and providing necessary guidance to people buying insurance newly.

When it comes to the investment sector, people have been worried about their investments, as the economy has been on a decline. In such a situation, managing finances smartly is what we all need to do. In this article, we will be learning to do just that.

Tips To Manage Your Investments

  • Evaluate your investment portfolio

Understanding how each investment is performing in the market is essential. For those who have been keeping track of their investments all this time, the evaluation process is simple. But those of you who are evaluating your portfolio for the very time, go through the details carefully. Highlight the things that you do not understand and consult your fund manager for the same.

When you evaluate your investment portfolio, you will understand the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the stock market. This overview will help you determine any changes that you can make and help you with your future investments as well.

It is an excellent practice to keep evaluating your investments at regular intervals. It helps to assess and mitigate the risk as it arises in due course of time.

  • Do not disrupt your long-term investments unnecessarily

It is obvious to worry about your long-term investments, especially during a pandemic. Many people are facing a financial crunch due to the coronavirus outbreak. Since the finances are a little light, people tend to terminate the long-term investments made in mutual funds, ULIPs, and other instruments to manage the expenses.

However, it is highly advisable not to disrupt/discontinue long-term investments like ULIPs to overcome the financial crunch. The objective behind investing in long-term plans is to build wealth and a secure financial future. Disrupting them will put your future in jeopardy.

What you can do is look for ways to manage your monthly expenses and cut down on some luxurious costs. Trying setting a budget that will help you allocate the monthly income effectively. That way, your expenses are managed efficiently without having to compromise on your future.

  • Make careful future investments

The market ups and downs are natural. This is not the first time the market has been thrown into a turmoil. So, what does it mean for future investments? Well, financial experts have advised to continue making investments even during the pandemic.

The main purpose behind investing is to secure yours and your family’s financial future. Times like these should not defocus you from the bigger picture. So, plan and manage your future investments depending on your financial objectives and market performances in the coming months.


Making the right decision when investing can be a daunting task. For many new investors, choosing between ULIP vs Mutual Funds is quite confusing. While each of these investments has its particular benefits, it is wise to choose a plan that aligns with your current financial situation and accomplish your future financial objectives.