How To Market Yourself As A Freelancer


A freelancer’s greatest struggle is marketing himself/herself. This is a job that starts at the very beginning of your career as a freelancer and never ends. As your success depends largely on how well you can market yourself, it is important that you learn how best to do that. Once you learn how to, it becomes a lot like second nature and your success increases correspondingly.

Use social media

One of the best avenues to market yourself is through social media. You should create accounts on all social media platforms and maintain an active presence. You can then use groups, pages and other social media resources to market yourself and your freelancing business. Have your friends share your profile and business on their accounts to generate more leads for your freelance business.

Create a blog/website

While social media is a powerful marketing tool, it is still very limited. Consider creating a blog or website where you can showcase your work. Blogs/Websites are one of the best ways to generate leads besides working as a platform to showcase your work. For greater visibility and success, ensure that your blog is highly optimized and make use of lead magnets such as promotions, videos, and contests.

Pay attention to cybersecurity

You need an X-Factor when marketing your new freelance services in an already saturated industry. One of the best ways to do this is by proving that you are conscious about cyber security. For instance, by using a premium VPN, you show your potential clients that you are serious about maintaining confidentiality and privacy. More so, you protect your personal and financial details and those of the clients as well as your intellectual property.

Present offers

Presenting your target market with offers is a great way to get them to invest in your freelance business. You could offer your services for a fraction of the price or some other similar offer. Presenting quality work with a special offer, especially at the beginning of your career, can really help you market yourself.

Form a partnership

It might be hard to break out and conquer the market on your own. Instead of trying to do everything on your own, you can consider developing or joining a team of freelancers. You can all form a brand and use this to market yourselves to potential clients. Your combined efforts are certainly more likely to be successful in a shorter time as opposed to if you worked alone.

The Takeaway

Marketing yourself successfully as a freelancer can be a difficult and frustrating process. You need to be patient with yourself and not simply give up after failure. You should also tailor the tips listed above to your specific situation so that they work better for you. Marketing is not a process that stops once the clients start rolling in. You would do well to develop a sustainable and effective marketing strategy.