We are in a Start-Up infected era. Every now and then does a startup bloom, prosper and comes into picture to help us realize the necessity of another commodity or service in our life. Startups are in my opinion a beautiful concept that function as individual micro-structures, achieving great heights with smaller efficient teams.

One of the greatest roles of the founders of a startup is that of motivating their team. It is easier these days to accumulate a perfect team of smart brains and persistent workers but what does it take to carry them on? To keep them motivated beyond their interest at times because it is all that the little startup needs?

This job can be difficult but here are some of the ways you could keep your team motivated, pepped and ready to roll at all times. Read on to know more:

Communicate honestly

From the very first moment that you interact with even your potential employees, make them feel like a part of the mission. Share your ideas, interact and take into account their opinions. You can share your personal story to begin with. Talk a lot of the mission and answering the “why”s of your startup. This helps them understand how anything that they contribute for, would help you all achieve something greater together. Transparence can be an evident motivator.

Emphasize on Team

Nobody can press more on how important the team is. But even though you understand this, it is necessary to make these points vocals. You are neither a driver, nor a passenger of the bus but just the conductor. You need to make it loud that it is your team that drives the company forward. Your idea is fueled by their efforts and motivation and only after their efforts would your dreams turn real.

Celebrate Small Victories too

Every stepping stone is someone’s constant effort. The functioning of your little startup isn’t as easy and comes at the cost of someone’s cost and hard work. Don’t let those heroes go unsung and make it a point to not only celebrate achievements but also to felicitate, no matter at what level, but identify to the people who made it a reality. You could take them for evening drinks or catch up the movies with them just to make the mood lighter and casual. Celebrating victories by taking them to movies will boost their confidence- You can use the bookmyshow offers to get the best of the deals for such outings. This would be like an indirect appreciation further promoting team bonding.

Toughen them up

Motivation can also mean belt-tightening and tough talk. A little whiplash has never done anybody any harm. A section of today’s Gen Y is simply too ‘smart’ to want to put in the hours and service needed to get the desired success. A little toughening up and a little grind is always appreciable.

Trust and Believe

You hired them for a reason. If you could have done everything by yourself, you would not need a team. But that is not true and you do require their help constantly. You need to trust, have faith and believe that they will turn in results, at times in their own pace. But to constantly crib of their performance is only going to let them down. Have a little faith and trust me you’ll see the wonders you weren’t even expecting.

Ask them about how they are doing and take interest

This is important. When employees feel cared for, they tend to push a little more just for your sake. Ask them questions and be genuinely curious as to how they are doing in their lives. In times of hardships, the confidence that they have you to look up to is enough. They might not need your help but just your asking them would do them wonders. Take interest and make them feel at home.

Bonus is the bonus!

Everybody likes presents and especially the ones that they have worked hard to get and achieve. If some particular employee shows you visible progress, they can be gifted and appreciated with a promotion or a little change to their title. A raise in their salary or a one time bonus is also a really pleasant way to make someone’s efforts be appreciated. Recognizing their achievements helps in retaining talented employees. You can also tailor their rewards. Ask them what they would like to be gifted.

Stretch the flexibility a little.

Once in awhile, it is okay to let go the stringent rules that you follow. It is amazing to be strict but it is okay to overlook sometimes. Also, giving people the flexibility gives them the freedom to work in their comfort zones which in turn helps them perform better. This might be the changes in deadlines or the format that they are comfortable with. This flexibility also opens up places for flexibility of ideas and gives way to Creativity.

Create intrapreneurs

Let your employees work on a task of their interest or choice, but one that is beneficial to the company. Once you have identified the best set of talents and solutions that different members of your team is capable of delivering, you have successfully assessed their strengths. This would in turn help you allocate the work best in future assignments.

Are you happy and motivated?

Lead by example by being happy and motivated yourself. Be caring of your team, acknowledge both big and small achievements, and demonstrate your pride in the company. Put forth the same positive attitude that you want others to have. Smile a lot and be fair. You are in a way the role model. They follow you.

With all that thought put into your team growth, I wonder how your team efficiency won’t rocket up the roof. It is of utmost importance that you as a leader understand the requirements of the team and also the fact that work at times could be mainstream boring, where it is up to you as to how you bring out the best of your team to help you generate the best of your results.

Cheers and happy working!