How to overcome excitement before interviewing


The interviewers will judge interviewees looks, what they say and the way they talk, their manners and anything else that can be seen. What they think about you is what will determine if you will be hired or not. It could be your dream job, your first job or a job that will change your life. That is why you are excited.

Overcoming excitement before going for an interview

1. Preparing

This is the best way to calm down. When you prepare, you build confidence which will leave you feeling that you are able to control yourself. Getting ready for an interview is like practicing for a big match. Practicing more will make you feel more comfortable on the day of the match.

It is also recommended to visit the interview location before the actual interview day. If you don’t, you are likely to get lost you will arrive late. This will affect how you will perform in the interview.

2. Outfit rehearsal

Since you really need the job, you must do all kinds of preparations. Decide what you will wear and prepare all your documents and have someone practice the interview with you. Find out all the kinds of questions which are likely to come up. Get prepared to respond to behavioral questions where applicants can be required to show how they used their skills to achieve something.

3. Relax

When you feel that you have done all the preparations, take some time to rest. When the actual day of interviewing comes, do a few exercises in the morning, listen to music that can revive your energy and watch a movie which can help you relax. You may even meditate or read motivational materials. And before going into the venue, you can go somewhere where you will freshen-up or re-hydrate yourself.

4. One’s perspective

The interviewees must also know that the interview is an opportunity for them to determine if the job and the organization is a nice fit for them. So, do not see the exercise as an exam, look at it as a conversation between people who need to know each other. Jobseekers should be eager to know more about the organization the same way the recruiter will want to know about them.

Does your personality and way of working match the opening? Do not only dwell on if you can do that job well, consider if it is suitable for you. If you focus on your needs and priorities, you can be able to calm down and remain in control on that day.

You must also consider how the company looks like. Does it impress you? Do the ones who work there look happy? Are they busy? Check their IT and lunch facilities, do you like them? Analyzing everything can make you calm down and bear in mind that even if you fail to get that chance, websites like have a lot more to offer.

5. Boost confidence

Never let difficult questions scare you. Interviewers may ask things meant to stress out job seekers. When you are asked such questions, do not say answers immediately. The employer will be watching your reaction. There is nothing wrong with asking him or her to repeat the question. You can even ask him/her to allow you time to think of a nice example to use in replying the question.

If you are asked an absurd question, imagine that you are talking to some friends. Relax and imagine how you can answer it. An absurd question like what it the length of the Harbour Bridge will not require the right answer. The recruiter will probably be interested in seeing how a jobseeker will remain calm and come up with ideas under pressure.


Too much excitement can affect how you perform on the day of the interview. The above ways can help you calm down and allow you to prepare well for the interview.