How to promote a “non-Instagram” business


There is a prejudice that many niches of the manufacturing business, such as factories, car services, and construction companies, cannot successfully promote their goods and services on social media. This is because, in such areas, it is difficult to create an aesthetic picture and present the product in a positive light. However, Instagram is gradually being mastered by manufacturing companies, wholesale suppliers and other organizations whose products and services, at first glance, are not suitable for this social network based on photo content.

So, how can you promote such a business on social media?

Tip 1: Write a brief.

A well-written brief will secure you from insignificant actions.

Take your time to develop your brief and use it before you start. Don’t forget the questions of:

  • the company and its advantages over competitors;
  • the purpose of being present on social media (why does your company need an account: attracting potential customers or business partners, or maybe you need the traffic to your website);
  • the desired promotion tools and budget.

Tip 2: Build your content strategy based on the specifics of your business.

Most often, the goal of promoting enterprises on social media is to increase awareness and sales from the website. But in this area, customers rarely make purchases without visiting the company’s offline office before. That’s why the content should lure the user: encourage them to visit your website, call, or come to your office.

To create a content plan, it is optimal to use planning services, especially if you are promoting your business yourself. Automation platforms can help you save time on posting on social media, build your content plan, and help you remember to post. One of these services is Postoplan, an up-to-date multifunctional service that allows you to manage the most popular social networks at once, schedule deferred publications, create a content plan, etc. Its main advantages are a number of free features, the ability to manage messengers, such as WhatsApp, and no restrictions on the number of connected accounts.

Tip 3: Don’t just focus on competitors’ content.

When analyzing competitors, it is imperative to study subscribers and their activity. Pay attention to what comments they leave under your posts. If you have doubts that they are the potential clients of your company, check their accounts through special cheat services.

Look for inspiration in related field accounts. For example, a repair and construction company can turn attention to accounts dedicated to interior design.

Here are some more rules for content creation:

  • Respect your subscribers and post only useful information.
  • Be mindful of your tone.
  • Try to respond to everyone, without exception, and as soon as possible, because social networks are a communication channel.
  • The audience in this area regularly and naturally renews. Focus on quality over quantity.

It is important to understand that if the goal of managing an account is real profit and not subscribers, you can achieve results only in conjunction with sales department specialists who are ready to provide you with the necessary information and promptly respond to requests.