How to promote your business on social networks: SMM service for eCommerce


More than 80% of people on earth are registered on social networks, and most of them spend at least 2 hours a day online. This data tells us that modern eCommerce businesses cannot neglect social media as a resource for brand promotion.

An SMM strategy is not just about posting on social media accounts. It is a multi-step process that requires attention and preparation. Before you create a strategy, you need to be clear about a few things.

– Who is your target audience?

– What brand voice in social networks do you want to use?

– What brand image do you want to create?

– What is already being said about your brand on the network, what reputation has been formed now?

– What type of content do you want to share on social media?

As soon as you have answers to these questions, you can create an SMM strategy. And the main ways to promote your business on social networks will be described below.

Create catchy content

Any SMM service specialist will confirm: without high-quality content, any promotion tools are useless. If your brand’s page is dull for visitors, you should not expect the audience’s growth and loyalty.

Main qualities of great content:

  • Uniqueness. The information you publish must be relevant and fascinating. Do not copy materials from other resources. The exception is a crossposting between the company’s blog and its social network page.
  • Regularity. You have to post systematically. The amount of posts on the week depends on the business’s specifics and target audience, but you should not take big breaks. For example, people from the business environment may have two-three updates a week, but it is not enough for the beauty community. It is necessary to stick to the selected content strategy regardless of the number of subscribers.

Virality. Publications must be catchy, cause an emotional response in the form of a desire to tell friends about them. Use current internet trends, social agenda, and your target audience’s interests. 

  • Visual attractiveness. Create a single stylistic design for groups – work on the design of pages and posts. Add group widgets to connect social networks and the project, like, and repost buttons to the site.

While creating your posts, don’t forget to use hashtags and geolocation as additional promotion tools and contests, surveys, and giveaways as interactive communication forms with subscribers and tools for organic growth.

Use Targeting ad

Targeting is all about advertising message creation aimed at a specific audience, depending on its interests, place of residence, and other criteria. Targeting increases advertising efficiency, and this type of promotion is available now on any social media source.

Examples of targeting:

  • Geographic (Geotargeting) is a display of advertising to residents of a particular region/city/district, etc. 
  • Socio-demographic – a display of advertising depending on gender, age, family situation, and other social criteria. 
  • Contextual – a display of advertising following the interests of the user. Interests may be represented by membership in groups, internet searches, etc. 
  • Behavioral – display of advertising depending on specific user actions (travel routes, favorite places, frequent search queries, etc.). 

Correctly chosen type of targeting can help you reach clients who are the most interested in your product. Despite the seemingly simple, targeting is a tool that requires serious preparatory work and professionalism. First, it is necessary to analyze the target audience of the brand. Secondly, create an ad campaign.

Use advertising from groups.

Advertising in groups or blogs is the purchase of posting or reposts on popular pages. In the first case (purchase post), the purpose of the advertising is to increase traffic on the company’s website. In the second (repost purchase), attract users to the company’s social network group. Simultaneously, the more followers the group or blog has, the more expensive an advertising campaign will cost. 

Buy advertising from influencers.

Influencers are bloggers and celebrities who have their audience on social media. Using this advertising method is an excellent way to raise awareness of your brand. It is essential to choose influencers whose audience is close to your target audience. Usually, it is not cheap but a very effective strategy. Also, when you order creative or narrative advertising from influencers, you can immediately get potential buyers who already trust you, as they trust the influencer they follow.

As you can see, business promotion in social networks is a versatile process requiring experience and time. If you are new to social media, a professional SMM service will help you out. Being cheaper than website promotion, it has no less successful potential for your business.