How to Promote Yourself as an Editor


If you are in the editing business, you want to know how you can promote yourself. Professional editing is a task that demands careful and close reading while focusing on various aspects of writing and using different techniques to make the work better. But, to be a successful editor, you should win new clients, exceed their expectations and establish long-lasting relationships continuously. Here is a guide to help you promote yourself as an editor.

Know Your Clients

The most important thing is to know your most ideal clients. What type of writing do you want to edit? Who produces such content? What makes your clients happy? What stresses your clients the most and what challenges do they face? Above all, what are the goals of your clients and how can you use your editing skills to help them achieve those goals? To get started on the journey of promoting yourself, think about your clients and how you can help them. Don’t forget that many writers hire an editor because they need help to overcome the challenges they face trying to polish up their work.

Therefore, understand the challenges of your prospective clients, where and how they seek assistance. For instance, do they use the internet or social media to get assistance? Do they look for editors in the local newspapers? With this knowledge, you can promote yourself as an editor where and in a way via which prospects will easily find you.

Create a Portfolio

Once you make prospects aware of your existence and services, create a portfolio for them to explore. Make sure that there is sufficient content online that prospects can explore before they decide to hire you. This includes blog posts, eBooks, social media posts, email newsletters and guest posts on other people’s blogs. Preferably, make sure that your content can be found on the blogs and websites whose target audiences are your most ideal clients. What’s more, collect and add email addresses in your marketing list.

Earn Trust from Clients and Prospects

Once you get the email addresses of your clients and prospects, focus on earning their trust. To do this, send them high-value content and learning tools through email. This will enable you to establish relationships and build trust for your brand further. There are different types of content which you should share with your clients and prospects via email. They include testimonials, how-to checklists, printable sheets of tips, information-rich eBooks, podcast episodes links and recorded webinars.

Be clear in terms of how and when you want to email your clients and prospects to ensure that they know the right time to expect to hear from you. Also be careful to ensure that your clients do not feel bombarded. Focus on ensuring that clients or prospects trust you enough and have confidence in your services.

Offer Freebies

Everybody likes free things as long as they are valuable. So, instead of moving from a sales pitch straight to the signed contract, give clients something free. This will earn you the confidence of your clients and enable you to find clients who are your ideal match. Therefore, offer a trial run, free or even paid sample. This will enable you to know prospects better and accept them if they are ideal for you.

Ensure Ultimate Customer Satisfaction

Don’t be complacent after getting the first client. To ensure ultimate satisfaction of your clients, take time to know their expectations. Know what they need from you depending on the nature of their work. Focus on exceeding the expectations of every client so that they can refer other clients to you. What’s more, follow up with your clients to confirm that you met or exceeded their expectations. You can even ask your clients to drop your reviews or testimonials. Share the reviews and testimonials of your clients with prospects to earn their trust and confidence.

Essentially, a sure way to self-promote as an editor is to focus on finding more clients and prospects then providing them with valuable information first. For instance, if you want students that need thesis help to hire you, provide valuable information on thesis writing. This will ensure that you always have a way for prospects to connect with you or refer their friends to you.