How to Restore Your Inner Muse: 9 Tips For Designer Inspiration


As a designer or artist, it can be difficult to find ways to continually be inspired. Rest assured, even some of history’s finest innovators have gone through some trying times creatively. Here are some of our best 9 tips for restoring your inner muse so that you can start crafting your next big piece.

Listen To Yourself, But Not Your Inner Critic

In order to restore your inner muse and source of inspiration, you have to be willing to truly listen to yourself. That means not allowing your inner critic to interfere during your initial stages of creation. You’ll have plenty of time to edit your plans later. However, if you let your early critiques affect your work so much that you never get past the initial planning stages, you should reconsider how you manage your inner dialogue.

Peruse Pinterest

Pinterest is a great way to gain inspiration and reignite the muse inside of you. The site allows you to pin visuals together, kind of like a virtual collage, that is sure to get your creative juices flowing. It can also be a helpful tool for connecting certain thoughts together that would otherwise feel largely unrelated.

Take Some Time Outside

Many designers get deep inspiration from nature and just being outdoors. Being outside can also offer you valuable time away from your regular working environment, which can be just as effective in terms of restoring your inner muse.

Create A Mind Dump

Jot down everything you may be thinking or feeling on paper in words, phrases, or doodles, even. Try your best not to let your mind get in the way. After getting your initial thoughts down on paper, use what you’ve produced to build an idea from there.

Talk to Like-minded People

One of the best ways you can reinvigorate yourself is by talking to others, especially those who are in your field. Take another designer out for coffee, inquire about their most recent project, and where their source of inspiration came from. Your colleague will likely love getting to talk out their design, and you’ll feel inspired and creative as ever as a result.

Browse Some Blogs

Don’t have the time to leave the house? Check out some of your favorite design blogs to gain some valuable insight into your next project. A lot of times design blogs can also be great sources of like-minded forums and community members that can further assist you during your creative pursuits.

Give Yourself A Rule

One of the most difficult parts of creating is getting started. In order to effectively be creative, try giving yourself a rule. For example, you could commit to using one piece as the force of inspiration for the rest of a collection or full project. Or, you could try and use a time constraint, like challenging yourself to come up with 10 different ideas within 10 minutes. Having a rule may make it easier for you to be direct and effective with your ideas.

Check Out YouTube

YouTube has virtually anything you’re looking for and allows you to watch artists or other designers work in real time. Seeing video forms of inspiration may help restore your inner muse since it is a much more interactive and immersing experience than say, a text or photo post alone. Plus, YouTube most likely has documentaries or videos about the life and inspirations of your favorite artist which can be equally effective in getting you inspired.

Take Your Time

Design and art can take time, so make sure you allow yourself enough of a rest period to appropriately recharge your creative brain. Ironically enough, sometimes stepping away from your projects can cause a resurgence of inspiration, and make your work better for it. If you haven’t tried already, try stepping away from your designs and giving your brain an appropriate break.

Restoring your inner muse can be difficult, but it isn’t impossible. Much like we all have an inner muse, we all have some sort of inner critic. Don’t let this get in the way of you creating entirely, rather use these strategies to gently bring out your designs and trust yourself.

Moreover, make sure you’re actively creating an environment that facilitates productivity and is a safe space for new ideas; a cluttered studio certainly doesn’t help to rejuvenate your inspiration. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, there are many companies like GAM Inventory Management that can help you out manage your inventory or provide storage, so you can focus on what is important. You have creative, innovative ideas inside of you, you just need to work to bring them out effectively.