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Technology is advancing rapidly in the digital world and opening up new avenues.  Think about the scene a few years ago when podcasts were a dream, and the social media’s only purpose and use were for socializing, creating networks that did not have any remote connection to business prospects. Those were the days when you had the liberty of creating content at will, without considering what the audience wants. Things changed drastically as technology progressed and the concepts about content have undergone dramatic changes. Today, content must be of high quality, packed with information that the audience wants and published in attractive formats. Above all, you have to refresh content at regular intervals to prove that your website is alive and kicking.

Your gains from re-publishing content

By reusing content, you save the time, effort and cost involved in creating new content and secondly, you can generate more value from the used content. Your SEO services pricing will improve if you can re-use content. You get the pleasure of earning the interest on fixed deposits. The good work that you had once done keep paying back repeatedly, and your pipeline of contents remain healthy. For using content a second time, you have to recondition it with a new purpose and present it in a new format to give it a fresh look without undermining its value. Since your audience is ever expanding and the reappearance is happening after some time, the content will appear new for most of them. For those who have consumed it earlier, the recall value of the content will attract them.

Repackaging old content

The longevity of content is automatically limited because once you publish the content, you have to treat it as consumed and therefore it means the end of its life. This approach creates a significant challenge for maintaining an inventory of fresh contents ready for publication. Creating new content of high quality is a challenge in itself, and if you are not able to re-use content for subsequent publication at a later date, the problem aggravates. Considering the various new methods of publishing content that are now available, you can circumvent the bottleneck of used content and make arrangements to re-use it by presenting it in a new package with a new purpose. The ways of re-using published content are the topic of discussion of this article.

Convert the content into video tutorial

To maintain the value of the content you must focus on presenting it in a way so that it does not look like a copy paste act of the old content. Nobody should feel that you are publishing old content. For presenting the content in an attractive new way, latch on to the latest fad of video marketing and create a video tutorial from the content. This is the result of a change in consumer behavior driven by the advancement in technology.  Create a high-quality video and present it is a how to do manner because that is what the audience likes most. The attraction of video is that it is easy to watch and share and one can view it later as per convenience. Be careful in selecting the content because it must have the ingredients of making a great video in the form of tutorial.

Make a slide show

No matter how valuable any content is, its length is always a concern because readers are not ready to go through every word and line. They have a very short attention span and want to pick up the salient points by just gazing at it. To meet this expectation of viewers and to facilitate quick reading, present the content in the form of slides. This will enable you to cut down the reading time drastically, make the presentation attractive and draw attention to the most important points that convey value to viewers. If the article is a list type or some guide, it will be most appropriate for slide show presentation. If you choose the SlideShare deck on LinkedIn you get the opportunity of presenting it through slides as well as a blog post.


Turn to Infographics

Infographics are very attractive to viewers due to its crisp presentation of packed information, and the format stays in mind for long.  For content that has lots of statistics and numerical data that might be quite annoying to read in the form of long passages, presenting it through infographics is the best way to keep viewers engaged. From the business perspective, infographics have high capabilities of driving traffic and is the reason why you must use it. Converting slides into infographics is easy, and you get fresh content from what has already given value to you when published earlier.

Provide an e-book to your audience

Another novel way of re-purposing old content is to give it new shape by converting it into an e-book. Select a few blog posts in your inventory of published content and refurbish it to create an e-book. The process is easy because you need not start from the scratch and you only have to re-arrange the content and re-write a few pieces here and there to give shape to the e-book. Offering a free e-book to the audience will increase your authority who will provide more value to you and be eager to stay connected by downloading the e-book. This relationship will ultimately blossom into a business.

Keep the content relevant

To maintain the content relevant, make changes in data and facts as required so that everything remains updated. Give it a new title and do not hesitate to add substantial content that adds value to it. The structure is there, and you have to add more flesh to it. Publish the modified post and see how much time and effort you have saved.

Successful SEO companies like San Diego SEO have always attributed their success to their ability to do things differently and that you are doing the same raises the high hopes of success.